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Modernize Oil And Gas Business Processes Through Progressive Web Apps

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Progressive Web Apps | 0 comments

When it comes to data-intensive industries, the Oil and Gas industry collects a vast amount of information that regularly updates in real-time. One approach to maintaining all this information is to create powerful Progressive Web Apps. This is because PWA’s allow workers to monitor and manage large amounts of critical data in real-time. For this reason, building successful PWAs for Oil and Gas supports the industry by increasing its efficiency, safety, cost-effectiveness, and competitiveness.

What are Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s)?

The progressive web app is based on key concepts that enable the web to be more user-friendly, performant, and interactive. The web has evolved into a series of powerful standards that provide almost limitless possibilities for your web applications. Progressive web apps will do anything from connecting with native application functionality like the camera on your phone to being easily installed on your desktop and handheld computers. Progressive web apps are also a powerful tool for application modernization.

Why should you create Progressive Web Apps?

Data reveals that building PWAs improves the success of businesses: Twitter is a social media site

  • 65% increase in pages per session.
  • 75% increase in tweets sent.
  • 20% decrease in bounce rate.
  • Uses less than 3% of mobile capacity relative to native Twitter for Android.

While Nikkei has been publishing for over 140 years and is one of Japan’s most prominent media companies:

  •  A 2x increase in speed index
  •  14-second reduction in time-to-interactive
  • 75% faster loading with prefetch
  • 49% increase in daily active users
  • 58% increase in conversions (subscriptions)

Learn more about how your business can utilize progressive web applications in this article about IBM Transportation Management System.

Why Migrate when you can modernize to PWA’s?

PWAs can be used for your business practices:

  • Creating a web-based ticketing system for support agents, allowing work to be completed on a desktop or mobile environment.
  • Using Web NFC to communicate with IoT devices and retrieve information about manufacturing equipment performance.
  • Developing a Content Management System (CMS) to deliver student content that can be accessed offline, allowing students with limited internet access to participate.
  • Web Payment API and Paypal integrations for e-commerce
  • Mobile accident assessment apps that allow you to take photos and videos of an accident, record audio testimonies, and more.

This white paper will teach you how to view these issues as opportunities rather than problems. We’ll look at why people migrate or modernize, as well as the risks and considerations they should bear in mind before embarking on a (migration or modernization) project.

Finally, we’ll talk about how modernizing IBM i applications with optimized business workflows, integration with other technologies and new mobile and web user interfaces will enable IT – and your business – to experience time-added value and much more

Download the whitepaper “Progressive Web Apps: Create a Universal Experience Across All Devices” Download the whitepaper “Why Migrate When You Can Modernize?”

How Will Powerful Progressive Web Apps Benefit The Oil And Gas Industry?

Visual LANSA’s drag-and-drop user interface design makes it simple for Oil and Gas companies to create a progressive web app, reducing time to market. Your developers don’t have to worry about how the app will interact with devices, and they can focus on developing their logistics solutions. Low-code developers can quickly create enterprise-level PWAs, and your businesses will see significant returns on their low-code investments.

Here is one Oil and Gas Company that found success Visual LANSA:

  • C H Jones

“The LANSA solution is so much neater than other tools in that it provides a single source and single skill-set environment. LANSA’s ability to do 5250, as well as web and client-server is appealing. LANSA has continuously developed new products and advanced features over the years, so the R&D budget is obviously there. LANSA is ahead of the rest and helps us to stay ahead of our competitors as well.”

-CH Jones

More Case Studies Here

Do you want to learn more about Modernization? Download the Whitepaper!

Progressive Web Apps: Create a Universal Experience Across All Devices

The web has changed tremendously since its static beginnings. As the face of an online business, a website is built to invite new and internal customers into the world of an organization. However, as time passed, the web lacked the functionality, design, and native features that organizations desired the most, phones became ubiquitous, and mobile applications became a game-changer.

Read the following whitepaper to learn:

  • What are the Goal of a Progressive Web Apps
  • Why Progressive Web Apps
  • How do They Work
  • Building a Strategy Around Progressive Web Apps

Also, Are you curious about Progressive Web Apps? Download the Whitepaper!



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