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Quickly Modernize And Enhance Maintenance Department Business Processes With Progressive Web Apps

by | May 6, 2021 | Progressive Web Apps | 0 comments

Every manager knows that excessive maintenance costs, especially when it comes to physical assets, can take a big chunk out of your bottom line. Understandably, this can negatively affect the success of your business. In particular, unchecked high maintenance costs and poor maintenance department business process increase your operational costs and decrease your profit margins. On the other side of the coin, you can’t operate without working equipment. To be efficient, you need to strike a balance. You need to find a way to keep your maintenance process expenses in check.

The only way to do that is to gain deeper insights into where your money is going. You do this by modernizing and enhancing your maintenance department business processes. This means learning which of your processes and assets incur the highest costs. More importantly, you also need to figure out why your costs are so high. Utilizing the best practices for IBM i application modernization is a must.

Progressive Web Apps are the Way Forward

The good news is that there is an answer to the problem. When it comes to streamlining and modernizing your Maintenance Department budgets, expenditures, and business processes, nothing offers better efficiency or return on your investment than implementing Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) created using Visual LANSA.

With the enhanced digital technology of low-code Progressive Web Apps, your maintenance department no longer has to work with multiple spreadsheets. They will no longer see only out-of-context pieces of the big picture. Instead, when establishing preview budgets and reviewing expenditures, PWAs help businesses see where they are spending their money. PWAs also help you recognize where cost overruns occur. The result is that you can make more informed repair or replacement decisions. In addition, properly designed and implemented, PWA’s make it possible for an enterprise to maintain a single source of truth. You can track all expenditures and associate the related cost with real assets or job orders — all in a single, centralized location

What are Progressive Web Apps(PWAs)?

If you are wondering what a Progressive Web app is, the answer is simple. PWA’s are applications based on key concepts that enable the web to be more user-friendly, performant, and interactive. The web has developed into a set of powerful principles that give your web applications nearly unlimited possibilities. Progressive web apps are platform-independent, function on both desktop and mobile devices communicate with native app functionality, such as device cameras. They function online or offline, accepting data and updating your information when a network connection is present.

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How will Progressive Web Apps  Enhance Maintenance Department performance?

While they are extremely versatile wherever you deploy them,  Progressive Web Apps have the potential to play a particularly vital role in terms of cost control in Maintenance Departments.

Here is a list of ways to improve your Maintenance Departments with a single Progressive Web App:

  • Control Backlogs & Scheduling – Delaying preventive maintenance turns small repairs into large, expensive projects.  In addition, if deferred maintenance goes unflagged, costs add up over time, resulting in even more expensive repairs. To reduce these expenses, a Scheduling PWA allows your maintenance department to schedule necessary maintenance and also pre-plan preventive maintenance when it is most cost-effective. By streamlining your maintenance plans, necessary work is completed on time. The result is reduced unscheduled and expensive downtime  — extremely beneficial to any manufacturing operation.
  • Distribute Resource Information  — PWAs reduce downtime and the cost of repairing broken equipment. They also improve the performance of your maintenance department. Make important documents available to your technicians and managers wherever and whenever they are needed. Use your PWA to maintain a maintenance asset library by uploading documents, photographs, manuals, schematics, and asset history information.
  • Digital Reporting, Metrics & Work Orders – PWAs provide your maintenance managers with accurate data they can base repair and also replacement decisions on. A PWA can help you create a balanced maintenance schedule that minimizes labor costs while and streamline your work order process. This reduces backlogs and downtime costs.
  • PWA’s Inventory management – Inventory management prevents duplicate orders by establishing minimum prices and reorder amounts, as well as identifying excess parts that can be returned for a refund.

How easy is it to use Visual LANSA to create a PWA?

You can easily create Progressive Web Apps to assist your company to analyze your data metrics using Visual LANSA. Dashboards are especially powerful tools for gaining insight into your business process. Visual LANSA makes it easy for you to create apps for any scenario, resulting in optimal spending solutions.

Watch the short demonstration on how Visual LANSA built Progressive Web Apps:

Businesses that have found success with Visual LANSA’s PWAs.

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How can I deploy code-free Data Transformation and Business Process Integration?

LANSA Composer is a simple and cost-effective way to improve your maintenance department business systems. Equally importantly, it reduces human effort. LANSA Composer satisfies the five key requirements of any business process integration solution:

  • TRANSFORMATION — map data among many multiple formats.
  • TRANSPORTATION — move data between sources and also targets via multiple protocols.
  • PROCESS ORCHESTRATION — execute sequential and conditional process flows.
  • TRADING PARTNERS – configure trading partner communication settings.
  • ADMINISTRATION — auditing, error handling, logging, security, and system operations.

A comprehensive range of built-in activities also makes it possible for non-programmers to create simple solutions to complex problems without coding.

The LANSA Composer business process integration suite is designed to handle the many integrations and process improvement challenges businesses face today. It does this by streamlining how data is exchanged, processed, and monitored among internal systems, external trading partners, and the cloud.

Find out more about maintenance department business process integration with Visual LANSA!



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