LANSA Launches Rapid Portal Development With Visual Low-Code Platform

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It’s another day at the office. You’ve got customers breathing down your neck expecting around-the-clock services. 

To make things worse, your IT department has to work short deadlines as your business managers request new developments to be turned in as soon as possible. 

Probably, like most enterprises, you opt to hire more IT staff to move the needle on new developments. While you might get results early on, development technologies constantly change, and you can’t keep increasing staff numbers whenever there’s a need to accelerate improvements. Not only is it impractical, but the cost of constant training/retraining programs for new and existing staff members, coupled with a limited budget, makes it a bad business decision. 

To help you solve these challenges and thrive under increasing customer pressure and expectations, we are pleased to introduce our newest full-featured solution—Portalize, a powerful solution packed with scalability, localization, and user management. 

LANSA helps businesses accelerate their digital transformation processes using its powerful hybrid low-code platforms. Portalize, on the other hand, offers developers easy access to resources that would otherwise require tedious coding. For this reason, Portalize makes it easier for developers to focus on quickly building business applications.

What’s more, as part of our new release, we are offering you the Portalize source code for free. All you need to do to claim this is purchase a Visual LANSA license through September 30. Read the full press release.

What Exactly Is The Portalize Solution?

Portalize is a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential portal features right out of the box. With this tool, your developers can focus on creating solutions rather than building or developing the complex portal today’s applications commonly require.

Visual LANSA can deploy to a wide variety of clients. These include 5250 clients on the IBM i and mobile clients on Android and iOS plus progressive web apps. In addition, Portalize can be a great solution for your IBM i digital transformation or for quickly building out any enterprise portal.

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Why Is This New Solution Good For You?

There are many reasons Portalize is the ideal solution for your business.

Portalize is Fast

Portalize is a ready-made tool with built-in security, localization, and management. You can easily plug it into your application development process. This way, you can focus on your business requirements to create the solutions you need rather than building portals. 

Portalize also leverages the latest web technologies available today. Its optimized portal modules ensure blazing fast navigation and, generally, an enhanced user experience.

Portalize Ensures Data Security 

Portalize does this in three ways:

Firstly, its user management stage allows you to create accounts, set security questions, maintain your details and preferences, reset passwords, and use many other UX features. 

Secondly, the monitoring stage allows you to monitor IPs, session loggings and also ban suspicious or unwanted users. 

Lastly, Portalize blocks unauthorized access. It has been subjected to penetration testing using third-party tools. 

Portalize is Scalable

No longer are powerful solutions like this available to only enterprise businesses. Portalize is affordable at any economic level. In this case, you can either start small and scale as you grow, start big and stay big, or start small and stay small. 

What Features Does Portalize Offer?

Enterprise Security: LANSA made security a top priority when developing Portalize. We placed our expertise in data security into Portalize to ensure that your portal is up to date with modern security standards right out of the box.

Secure Sessions: Portalize checks all requests to ensure they are not coming in by outside means. Add IP monitoring and banning and session logging, and you have a portal ready to handle the most sensitive data.

Manage User Accounts: Set administrative rights, reset security, disable an account, and view session logs.

Email Settings: Control email notifications sent to users, configure SMTP settings, templatize emails, and more.

Analytics and Session Tracking: Enable Google Analytics and session event tracking.

Configure Security: Enable request validation checks for enhanced security, IP monitoring, and banning to reduce attempts and thwart attacks; set login attempts; and have full control over the number of security questions as well as the actual questions asked.

Portal Logs: Control portal logging, including runtime and integration logs, and enable/disable logging on numerous portal features.

System Settings: Configure Portalize’s settings such as system roles, web paths, folder names, Portal resources and transfer settings.

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How Can I Use Portalize?

You can easily schedule a demo or contact us to get a quote. To learn more about Portalize, click here.






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