Empowering end-users to make data-driven choices with assisted insights generation

No matter how much data your organization collects, the ability to transform it into actionable insights is paramount. While numerous business intelligence tools excel at visualizing metrics, they often lack robust analytical capabilities. Traditionally, business users would either seek guidance from data analysts or invest significant time deciphering intricate datasets. However, advancements in business intelligence technology have bridged this gap, empowering users to independently uncover the underlying reasons behind the data.

LANSA BI combines machine learning with human expertise to democratize access to valuable insights. Whether you’re a sales manager reviewing performance or a financial analyst investigating budget variances, LANSA BI assists with insights generation so you can make informed business decisions faster. It also lets you set up alerts and notifications for data anomalies, changes, and trends to help improve response times. LANSA BI’s assisted insights generation features can be integrated into IBM i applications, equipping end-users with helpful information to optimize their workflow on the fly.


LANSA BI: Simplifying Big Data for Businesses

In contrast to traditional BI tools, LANSA BI offers immediate insights, eliminating the need for users to painstakingly sift through data to extract meaning. It contextualizes key metrics and automatically generates comprehensive narrative reports that reveal hidden growth and efficiency opportunities. Here are the key features of assisted insights generation that make LANSA BI a transformative tool for data-driven decision-making:


1. Assisted Discovery

Let’s face it, uncovering insights hidden within a large amount of data can be a daunting task. Business analysts often struggle to create comprehensive reports due to the complexities involved in data extraction and presentation. LANSA BI’s assisted discovery feature makes it easy to filter and visualize data as per user’s requirement. Needless to say, it can rapidly accelerate a user’s work, especially for those who may be analyzing a set of data for the first time.

The report builder in LANSA BI helps you visualize data and discover insights with ease. By simply dragging and dropping the desired data fields into the report builder, you can create visual representations of your information. Add to that, LANSA BI’s drill-up and drill-down capabilities help you navigate your data hierarchies effortlessly. The drill-up feature allows you to zoom out and see the bigger picture, while drilling down helps you uncover finer details. Both are poised to help you get a comprehensive understanding of your data.. You can also filter your results and visualizations using specific data points (e.g. date, location, cost, department, etc) to pinpoint and focus on key variables. 


2. Auto Analysis

While most business intelligence tools provide a plethora of information on their dashboards, understanding its meaning is not as easy as it sounds. With so many variables, it’s impossible to scan every dashboard or report to track every trend. To get the most insights out of your dashboards and reports, you need auto analysis. With LANSA BI, users can gain detailed information on specific topics and compare business data effectively within their IBM i applications. In any dashboard or report within LANSA BI, a user can run the auto analysis feature by right-clicking an element (visualization, table, or metric) and selecting either “explain” or “compare” to provide detailed answers to a particular data point.



  • Auto Analyze- Explain

When a user selects Explain, LANSA BI will access additional data elements from the underlying data view and run a series of algorithms to determine relevant insights and data drivers impacting the particular metric selected by the user. This tool also generates a natural language analysis and presents the appropriate charts as well as a complete set of explanations from which users can draw insights.


  • Auto Analyze- Compare

In case a user selects the Compare option, LANSA BI will analyze the data to explain the differences for a particular metric between two dimension or date values. This tool will access additional data elements from the underlying data view and run a series of algorithms to find relevant drivers of difference.


3. Alerts and Notifications

There’s no denying that keeping track of a large amount of datasets can be challenging. It becomes difficult to oversee data anomalies that could significantly impact your business. To identify critical data changes, users not only need to log into their BI platform every time but they also need to invest a significant amount of time in finding these important changes in the data. LANSA BI’s assisted insights generation addresses this issue by providing automated alerts and notifications to subscribed users. The system detects significant changes, anomalies, and trend shifts by scanning business data and leveraging advanced algorithms. It not only monitors key metrics, but also provides analytical explanations. These alerts and notifications allow users to respond promptly to critical developments.



Share Insights Across Your Organization

In addition to assisted insights generation, LANSA BI simplifies the way users share data. It allows IBM i users to disseminate business insights in various formats such as PDF, CSV, DOCX, Text, and XLSX files. On LANSA BI, users just need to click on the Download button and choose the format in which they want to export the report and they will be able to distribute valuable information in no time.

Whether it’s a detailed report for stakeholders, a data summary for team collaboration, or a quick snapshot of current trends, LANSA BI’s seamless sharing options ensure that valuable insights reach the right audience in the most effective manner. It helps in fostering data-driven decision-making across the organization.


Turn data into dollars with assisted insights

In a world inundated with data, assisted insights generation offers a dynamic approach to problem-solving. By leveraging advanced analytics and data-driven methodologies, organizations can now empower their teams with real-time, context-aware insights. LANSA BI opens up a world of possibilities for businesses by unlocking the potential of their data with its assisted insights generation feature. With its auto analysis and assisted discovery features, LANSA BI simplifies data exploration and enables users to make informed choices faster. The ability of this tool to share insights and send automated alerts ensures that teams stay informed and responsive to changing market conditions.

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Faster decision intelligence at your fingertips

Are you tired of sifting through vast volumes of data to find meaningful insights? Let LANSA BI’s assisted insights generation process streamline the task for you, making data analysis more efficient and insightful than ever before.

LANSA BI’s assisted insights generation leverages advanced algorithms to automatically uncover valuable insights from your business data, simplifying the business analysis process and providing actionable intelligence at your fingertips. It’s time for businesses to take advantage of assisted insights and embark on a journey toward data-driven success. Contact us today to discover how LANSA BI can transform your data into a powerful asset for informed decision-making and business growth.

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