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Let’s Get Virtual: LANSA Low-Code Days Coming in October!

by | Sep 18, 2020 | General | 0 comments

We are less than a month away from LANSA’s first big virtual event, Low-Code Days—a full day of live sessions focusing on various aspects of low-code, modernization, and app development. We will have a session on October 7th for North America and on October 14th for EMEA. There is a little something for everyone, whether you are just starting your low-code journey or looking to hone your own Visual LANSA skills.

Not a LANSA customer? Don’t use Visual LANSA? No problem. We have sessions on the business side of low-code, progressive web apps (PWAs), and modernization. This is truly an event for all levels of IT, from CIO to the junior developer.

Session Highlights

            Kicking Off with the Keynote

Low-Code Days will open with “The LANSA Vision” session and keynote speaker and LANSA GM, Craig Trautman. Listen to Craig talk about the future and the direction of LANSA as well as the low-code industry in general. He will be joined by Edgar Wharton, LANSA’s Senior Project Manager, laying out the road map for the Visual LANSA low-code platform.

Getting Down to Business

Bringing in a low-code platform can be a culture shock for the current IT department. It is not just a different development tool but a completely different development mentality. The “Business Side of Low-Code” session will address how to assess, select, and implement a successful low-code project. Nearly everyone in the organization will be impacted by implementing a low-code solution. The keys to successful implementation are rather simple but often overlooked. This is a perfect session to attend for organizations anywhere along their low-code journey.

Future of App Development Is Here

Progressive web apps are becoming increasingly popular as they bridge the gap between web apps and native apps. The progressive web app session, hosted by Edgar Wharton, will cover different aspects of PWAs. From designing a more responsive web app to explaining UI/UX, this is a must-attend session to learn about the future of web application development. Whether you’re looking at Visual LANSA as your low-code platform or not, don’t miss the opportunity to learn more about PWAs and start planning for the next wave of web applications.

Low-Code and a Portal?

Portalize is LANSA’s newest product, launched in June of this year. But Portalize is not just an amazing start to your portal development. It is built with low-code—Visual LANSA, to be exact—and it demonstrates the power and versatility of low-code applications. If you’re still in doubt about the legitimacy of low-code, I invite you to check out the “Build a Custom Portal” fast session. Learn about the versatility of low-code while being able to jump start your custom portal development project.

Register Now & Throw It On the Old Calendar

Those are just the first four Low-Code Days sessions. These will be followed by three sessions with a more technical focus. Low-Code Days is an event for developers, managers, and C-level decision makers. Whether you are looking at Visual LANSA or just want to learn more about app development, Low-Code Days is the perfect single-day event to get up to speed on low-code. Be on the lookout for the next Low-Code Days blog covering the last three sessions in more detail.

Click here to register now for the North America sessions (October 7th) you want to attend or click here to register for the EMEA sessions (October 14th), and then add it to your calendar. See you there!



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