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Announcing the best BI Solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
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October 2021 GM Update: Visual LANSA And Low Code

by | Oct 13, 2021 | General, IBM i | 0 comments

With the economy slowly rebounding from COVID, I am reminded of how fast time flies and how quickly things change. It’s already been more than two years since LANSA became part of Idera. Looking back, we dedicated a lot of this time “heads-down” racing to add leadership features to our existing products and introducing new offerings to our portfolio. However, there is still a lot of work ahead with Product, GTM, and Community Development. In fact, I feel that LANSA’s journey is just beginning, there is so much opportunity.

Visual LANSA 15

Earlier this year, we launched VL15+, the first Low Code Platform to introduce Progressive Web Applications and deployment of PWA’s with the single click of a button. With VL15+ we also added many long-awaited features and quality improvements that our customers wanted. These include enhancements for AWS and Azure deployments and a streamlined Web Services API. Later this year we plan to release our second update to VL15+. It improves the experience of users working with web applications offline. 

We introduced an accelerator provided as source code for Visual LANSA for building small to complex enterprise-level portals called Portalize. Its “out-of-the-box” functionality along with its ability to be highly customized can reduce development time by months. Even more interesting is that just last month, we announced that we’re making Portalize source code available for free!


IBM continues to invest in the IBM i platform and so do we. LANSA remains one hundred percent invested in our IBM i platform products. Whether you want to modernize, migrate now, or leave yourself an option to migrate in the future, LANSA works to maintain its leadership in enterprise-level solutions. It is the only platform that can support you in either case.

Last month, we also released our newest version of aXes with added Management Console functionality. Administrators can now configure and manage settings of an aXes instance and web server by utilizing a user interface to select and/or copy configurations, toggle settings on and off, and more. The Administrator view is available in all major browsers.


We continue to develop Lean LANSA, our online training platform. Since we introduced it last year, we added over three hundred self-paced courses. You’ll find that Portalize training is already on the platform. We also offer on-demand training. While the audience on the platform is growing, we want to see increased usage and we will keep adding classes. Come and check it out at

New MVP Program

Last week, LANSA launched an MVP (Most Valuable Programmer) Community Program. This initiative will provide an infrastructure that enables members to share knowledge and best practices not just among each other but across the entire LANSA community. This is a program for developers supported by developers and certainly is a win for anyone in the LANSA community. Please feel free to reach out to Jose Caso ([email protected]) or me if you’re interested in learning more about this program.

Dedicated to LANSA Developers

The Low Code market has exploded in the last couple of years. All of a sudden, 150+ companies including more than 100 startups have shifted into this space wanting a piece of the growth. 

While there are now many different combinations of solutions available to customers, LANSA remains one of the platforms that balances low code techniques with the ability to code in a single high-level language and address full-stack development without leaving the IDE. The point is, we build Visual LANSA for developers.  Our customers purchase LANSA because they believe LANSA makes their developers more efficient than any other solution on the market. We are dedicated to you and will work hard to continue to evolve LANSA the way you love it.

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