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Portalize™: Build Secure Portals Fast – The first low-code portal solution built for hundreds of use cases

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LANSA is excited to announce Portalize, a revolutionary product combining the world’s most powerful low-code platform, Visual LANSA, with the growing demand for customized application portals. Portalize is a fully functional, full-feature portal that can be customized and tweaked to your exact business specifications. With Portalize, you will get essential features out of the box, far beyond what a normal application portal offers. Portalize comes complete with built-in navigation, responsive web design, recording of user session events, logging, security, administrative features, user features, analytics, and scalability to support even the largest portal needs.

The benefits of Portalize go beyond a prebuilt full-feature portal. With Portalize, you have access to the best practices in Visual LANSA as well as a reference for consistent application development. Since Portalize is powered by Visual LANSA, you have full access to the source code and full control over customizations. This also allows for quicker customizations of your portal. Use the built-in features to get your portal going quickly and add new features at any time. With Portalize, LANSA handles all your portal needs so you can focus on solutions and application development. Portalize is also an important component in any IBM i modernization initiative.

Learn more about how your organization can overcome the most common challenges faced when securing an IBM application portal.

Use the out-of-box look for quick deployment or customize it as much as you need.

Portalize is loaded with out-of-the-box functionality, saving you valuable time and business resources. You will get instant access to all these features plus many more.

User Features:


Administrative Features


Portalize is loaded with other features such as advanced navigation and the ability to set system roles and set test and production emails. LANSA took the time to ensure that most all of your portal needs will be available out of the box. We also made sure it could be easily customized with Visual LANSA. Don’t waste time coding your own portal from scratch. Contact and experience the power of Portalize!

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