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Technology has a place, and it’s not at your dinner table

by | Oct 8, 2015 | General | 2 comments

My sisters and I grew up around the dinner table. We were fortunate enough to have parents that viewed mealtime as sacred. While my dad couldn’t get a word in if he wanted to – I guess being surrounded by three daughters and a wife will do that to a guy – we shared stories of our days, laughed and most importantly, communicated with one another. And we managed to get through meals without having a TV on, a cell phone buzzing or instant messaging on our computer dinging.

In the technology of talk: How we can reclaim conversation article, Sherry Turkle, a clinical psychologist and sociologist, says “Over-reliance on devices is harming our ability to have face-to-face conversations – the most human thing we do – by splitting our attention and diminishing our capacity for empathy.” I feel, for our children’s sake, limits on the use of phones, tablets and wearables have to be set. A line has to be drawn, by each individual user, as to what technology is appropriate to use, and when. But…

Technology is a drug. It makes our lives incredibly easy. Multiple tasks can be completed at one time, making the worst planner or least-motivated feel like an over-achiever. Technology offers mind-blowing connectivity. Businesses, according to Forbes, are centrally coordinating applications and delivering (apps) to any device. The Internet of Things isn’t just a buzz word anymore, it has a major play in digital business products and processes in the industrial and operations markets. Let’s face it, technology will be is embedded everywhere.

Today a long-time customer, BBVA Previsión AFP, Bolivia’s leading pension fund manager, announced its new mobile app. The app enables employers, employees and beneficiaries the ability to view personal information, update Enterprise data, obtain copies of account statements, check contributions and more. In combination with BBVA Previsión’s web solution, customers have rapid access to their account information, anytime, anywhere.


While people may always struggle to communicate because of technology’s interference, LANSA works with customers and prospects to bring innovation and next-gen technology into business operations.  Whether it be mobile or web, we’re changing the game – turning static, one-way conversations into multiple touch points through consumers’ communication of choice.



  1. Brock

    Very well written. The convenience of being this connected makes personal communication difficult out in society and in our homes. We will have to teach important values to our children and try to stress the importance of what this article is saying.

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