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A Beginner’s Guide To A Secure IBM i Portal

by | Jan 12, 2022 | IBM i Modernization | 0 comments

Today, the 1988 launch of the IBM i platform seems like ancient history. Due to its robustness, durability, reliability, and integrated hardware and software, however, many organizations still rely on IBM i to run mission-critical business operations. That said, as digital transformation demands increase, alongside the need to keep up with changing market conditions, many still perceive the IBM i platform as a monolithic block of fixed-format RPG that must be modernized. 

IBM i application modernization means different things to different people. For some, it is as simple as adding a graphical user interface. For others, it means rapidly developing and deploying mobile applications. Most importantly, however, it’s about identifying your own modernization areas. With the ever-mutating covid-19 pandemic taking the business world by storm, organizations must adapt to the “new normal.” This means providing employees, partners, and stakeholders with secure access to business solutions when and where they need them. This is where portals play a crucial role. Portals are digital bridges that give clients access to IBM i resources on the web. 

Although the IBM i platform has a reputation for being secure from outside invasion, attempts to keep up with digital transformation demands by incorporating new functionalities continue to chip away at its evergreen security. This is raising some serious security concerns. Fortunately, LANSA thought of all the security issues involved in building a user portal. That is why our IBM i application modernization solution, Portalize, handles things like authentication and database security for you.  

What Is Portalize?

Portalize is a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential portal features right out of the box. Your developers can focus on creating solutions rather than spending time developing the complex features necessary in today’s application portals.

Portalize features include:

  • Advanced navigation features, making it easy for your users to navigate safely
  • Security features such as IP monitoring and banning, bolstered by rigorous third-party security testing
  • Numerous user features, such as login, creating an account, forgotten password retrieval, security validation questions, updating user profiles, and setting preferences.
  • Administration features, including managing user accounts, security settings, email notifications, Google analytics, and session logging.

Find out more on Portalize’s features you can leverage for a secure IBM i portal.

How Can I Quickly Build Secure Portals with Portalize?

In addition to ensuring high-level portal security, Portalize comes with the following built-in features to facilitate rapid portal development and deployment:

  • Built-in navigation
  • Responsive web design
  • Recording of user session events
  • Logging
  • Security
  • Administrative features
  • User features
  • Analytics, and 
  • Scalability to support even the largest portal needs.

The benefits of Portalize go beyond those of a simple prebuilt full-featured portal. With Portalize, you have access to best practices in Visual LANSA. You also have a reference for consistent application development. Because Portalize is powered by Visual LANSA, you have full access to the source code and full control over customizations. This also allows you to customize your portal more quickly. You can use its built-in features to get your portal going quickly and add new features at any time. With Portalize, LANSA handles all your portal needs so you can focus on solutions and application development. Portalize is an important component in any IBM i modernization initiative.

Learn more about how your organization can overcome the most common challenges faced when securing an IBM application portal.

Does Portalize Have Multilingual Ability?

The Visual LANSA low-code platform has always been capable of multilingual development. Developers around the globe are creating Visual LANSA applications in a variety of languages. So what makes the multilingual upgrade to Portalize so special? Find out here.

Is Portalize A Low-code Platform?

LANSA’s powerful hybrid low-code platforms help businesses accelerate their digital transformation processes. Essentially, Portalize offers developers easy access to resources that would otherwise require tedious coding. For this reason, Portalize makes it easier for developers to focus on quickly building business applications.

Find out more about rapid portal development

How Can I Use Portalize?

You can easily schedule a demo or contact us to get a quote. To learn more about Portalize, click here.

Ready to find out more about IBM i application modernization?

In the current economic climate, organizations must keep up with changing market conditions, technology, as well as customer needs and expectations, albeit with limited budgets. Portalize is an IBM i application modernization solution that gives you everything necessary to meet these changing demands and stay competitive without breaking the bank. Want to find out more about what AS400 is used for?

Get in touch with us to start using Portalize for your app development and modernization needs.

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