Announcing the Availability of aXes 4.2.1

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For years, aXes has enabled thousands of companies around the world to modernize and transform their IBM i 5250 applications into web-based applications. Most importantly, they have been able to do it all within a matter of hours and all without modifying application source code. Being web-enabled has also let LANSA customers securely access 5250 applications from any device with a web browser and internet connection.

We are happy to announce that LANSA continues to evolve and enhance the aXes product with the release of aXes 4.2.1. In addition to our solid foundation and success modernizing 5250 applications, the new aXes release introduces a time-saving Management Console and enhancements to the quality of the product.

aXes Management Console

The Management Console enables aXes administrators to configure and manage the settings of an aXes instance and web server by providing an easy-to-use web interface. Administrators can now quickly toggle settings on/off, select available configurations, copy configurations, and more.

This dramatically improves the efficiency of the aXes administrator. No longer will administrators need to perform the tedious and error-prone task of programmatically modifying a file to configure and manage the settings of their aXes instance and the webserver.

About aXes

aXes automatically transform IBM i 5250 applications into browser-based applications. It includes tools to customize and modernize the design and layout of the user interface. Users can add functionality and customization by combining screens, calling APIs, or using JavaScript. No source code is required. Developers can change the original content and screen layout using RPG or COBOL development tools and aXes will capture and automatically incorporate the changes. aXes supports all standard web browsers, and no software is required to be installed on the client device.

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