Powerful Low-Code Enterprise Resource Planning Software for IBM i

Visual LANSA’s hybrid low-code approach means you can build entire enterprise applications more efficiently than any other low-code app builder on the market. Providing developers with all the tools they will ever need in one IDE streamlines the entire application development process. No need to learn other development languages as hybrid low-code eliminates the work arounds needed in other low-code platforms. Whether you are building enterprise progressive web apps or desktop apps, there isn’t a more efficient method to develop your applications.

In this article we will discuss LANSA’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, which is an open-source enterprise resource planning software solution for IBM I (System I iSeries, AS/400).

LANSA’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has rich business functionality, an Executive Dashboard, Advanced Workflow, Desktop Integration, and flexible End User Queries and Reports. It will provide the visibility you need to gain control and make educated business decisions.

LANSA’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),  removes the risk and providing:

  • OPEN SOURCE to all of the applications modules
  • CONSULTING SUPPORT to integrate and train your team
  • EDUCATION for your team to implement and support
  • KNOWLEDGE for your team to control its future application life cycle and evolution

What are the LANSA ERP Frameworks Features?

LANSA ERP Frameworks was built with a LANSA low-code development platform.

The solution gets to take advantage of all the goodness the platform provides, such as a powerful metadata repository.

LANSA ERP Frameworks are composed of:

  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial

As a guide, consider the LANSA ERP Framework Figure:

LANSA ERP Frameworks: Distribution

LANSA’s Distribution Framework is a key component of LANSA’s ERP software solution. It offers core application modules to address critical business requirements, with the advantage that they can be easily tailored to meet an organization’s unique needs.

Modules include:

  • Inventory Management.
  • Purchasing.
  • Quality Inspection.
  • Order Entry.

Suppliers face many challenges today, including a high level of supply chain inefficiency, shrinking margins, and scaling customer expectations.  All of this  challenges can be solved and possible through the effective use of technology.

LANSA ERP Frameworks: Manufacturing

Manufacturers are under pressure to reduce costs, improve customer service, reduce the sourcing cycle, and maintain supply chain velocity. LANSA’s ERP software solution includes core application modules that work together to form a fully integrated base system.

The manufacturing Framework is easily customizable to meet the specific needs of each organization and can be expanded to address trading partner integration web browser self-service applications.

LANSA ERP Frameworks can satisfy these requirements:

  • Bill of Material.
  • Material Planning.
  • Production Control.
  • Production Reporting.

LANSA ERP Frameworks: Financial

A well-integrated, soft parameter-driven financial system boosts the productivity of your administrative and finance departments. LANSA’s Financial Framework is a key component of the company’s ERP software solution that provides core application modules such as multicurrency, multilevel tax processing, and multi-company support.

CodeStart solutions, frameworks, and modules are licensed as-is, with the source code included. These solutions have no warranty, ongoing software maintenance fees, or upgrades. LANSA Professional Services provides implementation and technical support for the CodeStart solutions on a billable time and material basis.

What are the benefits of LANSA’s low-code ERP frameworks?

Some businesses choose to implement large ERP packages that require them to change their business practices to align with what the ERP vendor considers best practices. Adding or customizing functionality after the fact is both technically and financially challenging. As a result, Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corporation took a different path and is reaping the rewards.

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Here’s a video about low code that may help you understand what it is and help you to Build Responsive Applications with LANSA’s Low Code Development Platform:

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LANSA Hybrid Low-Code solutions are fast to deploy and easy to maintain delivering outstanding value for any application development project. Ready to get started?

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