POWERUp 2021: Everything You Need To Know About IBM i Systems Management

For the first time in its history  COMMON held  POWERUp‌ 2021,‌ ‌the‌ ‌largest‌ annual ‌conference‌ ‌and‌ ‌networking‌ ‌event‌ ‌for‌ ‌IBM‌ ‌Power‌ ‌Systems‌ ‌users‌ ‌and‌ ‌solution‌ ‌providers in Hybrid mode. The show offered live sessions as well as virtual access for remote attendees. 

This hybrid approach also allowed POWERUp‌ to provide attendees with almost 300 sessions. Overall the sessions covered a broad range of IT topics linked to IBM i systems support, development and integration as well as IBM i modernization.

Valuable IBM i systems management insights at POWERUp 2021

At this year’s show, industry experts covered everything from IBM i Systems Management to making the most of IBM i system resources for optimal functions, performance, and efficiency. They, of course,  provided exceptional value with up-to-date information and insights into the latest systems management trends for IBM i. 

POWERUp 2012 also devoted over 30 sessions to managing modern-day IBM i systems. These sessions in particular contained plenty of useful first-hand information. Moreover, they are still available on the POWERUp 2021 website if you missed them. 

Here is a list of these sessions divided into three categories overall: performance, monitoring, and cloud capabilities. 

What POWERUp 2021 sessions focused on Performance?

– IBM i 7.4 Overview

– Case Studies on Critical Performance Failures: Common Performance Issues and Their Resolution 

– What You Need to Know to Successfully Upgrade to IBM i 7.4

– Using Message Watches to Capture Intermittent Failures

– PASE at a Good Pace

– Best Practices for IBM i Performance Management

– Understand your System Performance Signature

– IBM i Proactive Performance Preparation

– Moving from HMC Classic GUI to the new Enhanced GUI

– Performance Data Investigator and the IBM Navigator

– Pete’s Perspective on IBM i

– Installing and Configuring NVMe

– Leveraging IBM i (SQL) Services for Performance Management

What POWERUp 2021 sessions featured Monitoring?

– IBM i Systems Management and Monitoring

– Work Management 101

– Managing your IBM i with SQL – Made Easy!

– Monitor your IBM i via Grafana

– Breaking bad habits with ACS

– Live Demo of the New IBM Navigator for i

– Graph History – What is it

– Monitoring Activity for Many IBM i nodes from a Single Pane with IBM Navigator

– Monitoring Your IBM i

– Be More Productive with Navigator: Latest Features in Navigator for i

– IBM i Prestart Server Jobs

– Monitor and Manage IBM i with SQL Services

– Everything You Need to Know About the IBM i Administration Runtime Expert

What POWERUp 2021 sessions featured the Cloud?

– Power Virtual Server & Hybrid Cloud – Hands-on or Demo or Presentation

– Dipping your Toe in the Jargon of the Internet of Things

– What to know when moving to the Cloud

– What? I Can Create a Private Cloud with IBM Power Servers?

– IBM i, AIX, and Linux in the IBM Cloud

– Optimizing Your Toolchain When Migrating IBM Power Workloads from the Data Center to the Cloud

LANSA’s contribution to a feast of insights at COMMON POWERUp 2021

Of course, LANSA couldn’t miss contributing to this feast of insights for the global IBM i community. As a result, we hosted two presentations at this year’s COMMON POWERUp. LANSA’s Andrew Vaiciunas and  Grant Cooper presented the following sessions: 

In this session, Andrew Vaiciunas and Grant Cooper gave an overview of IBM i application modernization strategies, complemented with real-world case studies in order to showcase IBM i shops that have successfully adopted these approaches over the past 10 years.

In this next session, Andrew Vaiciunas talked about low-code development platforms and their great value to organizations that rely on IBM i to power some of their most crucial operation processes. 

How to level-up your IBM i systems management with LANSA’s tools? 

LANSA, one of the first providers of IBM i tools and services, has a range of solutions in its arsenal that help organizations manage their IBM i systems for optimal performance, efficiency, and also reliability. 

Here is how LANSA can power your IBM i systems management right now. 

How you can create and easily manage all your services with Portalize?

Portalize is a fully functional and fully customizable portal framework, created with the Visual LANSA low-code platform. It combines the most essential ready-made portal features. It also allows you to easily create scalable, customizable, and full-featured portals. Most importantly, it does it without the need for you to spend time and resources developing the complex features that modern-day application portals are required to have.

Portalize is a solution that can handle a portal of any size. Overall, it is scalable, secure, and fast. It also lets you easily manage all your services in one place. As another one of its benefits, Portalize centralizes the management of user accounts and then gives you full control over security and notification settings. With Potalize, you can control session logging as well as turn Google Analytics on or off at will. 

How can I streamline integration of business processes with LANSA Composer?

LANSA Composer is a comprehensive and powerful business process integration solution that handles virtually all challenges that organizations using IBM i and other platforms for process management typically face. It allows you to streamline how data is exchanged, processed, and monitored between internal systems, external trading partners, and the cloud.

With LANSA Composer, your business analysts or other workers without programming knowledge can orchestrate their own business processes. They can define, sequence, then execute and manage new multiple-step business processes — all as a single process within Composer.  

Ensure app accessibility with LANSA’s cross-platform deployment 

Finally, Visual LANSA provides organizations with the support of cross-platform deployment. This lets businesses easily deploy applications where they make the most sense. IBM i, Windows, the Cloud, or Linux — regardless of the platform you are using to host your applications, the LANSA platform is a way to make sure your apps are always accessible and providing your users the best performance. 

Need help putting your new IBM i systems management knowledge to work? 

LANSA has tremendous experience in IBM i systems management and we used this experience to create all of our tools. As a result, our solutions help organizations reach the highest levels of performance, technical capability, and efficiency the IBM i platform can provide. In addition, LANSA makes IBM i development and modernization easily accessible to companies of all sizes. 

Learn more about how you can help your organization get the solutions it needs to boost efficiency from this article on IBM System i.

Ready to get started? Then contact us to find out more about how we can help.

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