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The Future Of The IBMi Platform Is Through Low-Code


So, you’ve made the wise decision to run your business on the IBM i platform, and now it’s time to maximize your return on investment. LANSA’s suite of IBM i modernization tools will digitally transform your business, increase your  IT effectiveness, and decrease your total cost of ownership.

One way that LANSA helps you do this is through our enterprise portal solution called Portalize. Portalize essentially allows you to extend the life of your existing IBM i applications with modern web and mobile interfaces. It is a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential portal features right out of the box. With Portalize, your developers can focus on creating solutions rather than struggling to develop the complex features needed in today’s application portals.

In this article, we’ll walk you through:

  1. What is Portalize?
  2. Introduction to low code portal builder including a walk-through of the basic features.
  3. Low-Code Days: Build a Custom Portal for your customers in no time.
  4. Paths to Smart Modernization on the IBM i discusses several paths for IBM i modernization allowing you to make sure you are on the path that makes the most sense for your specific issues.

What is Portalize?

Portalize (powered by Visual LANSA) is a scalable, customizable, full-featured portal solution. The flexibility of Visual LANSA means it can be easily customized and modified as technology and user demands change.

To learn more about what Portalize is, check out our demo video:

How can I deploy a low-code portal for the IBM i?

Portalize features include: 

Want to know even more? In this video, Tony Graham  discusses the following topics:

Build Your Custom Portal with Low Code

Some solutions for IBM Series I are also low-code platforms. With Portalize, you can completely customize your portal. In addition to quick and easy customizations, you also get a massive library of usable Visual LANSA modules and code,  an understanding of the best practices in Visual LANSA, a reference for consistent application development, and the entire portal source code to customize and tweak as needed.

Watch the video below to learn more about:

Also, Another Low Code Days video with Greg Sippel. He will show you a detailed tutorial on how to build a Custom Portal:


What is the best way to do modernization on the IBM i?

LANSA offers a variety of solutions that gives businesses complete control over their IBM i modernization projects. Addressing short-term needs without disrupting long-term goals is a key aspect of LANSA’s approach.

aXes can web-enable your 5250 screens in addition to adding extra functionality through javascript and APIs.

Here’s a sample of a typical IBMi 5250 screen:

Here is the same screen after LANSA’s aXes generates it as a progressive web app for browsers:

Learn more IBM i 5250 modernization – instant GUI for web, mobile and more!

IBM i organizations face a wide range of different application modernization options. Learn how you can quickly achieve tactical wins and introduce new web and mobile applications that work in harmony with your existing systems and databases.

You can watch this on-demand webinar and learn how to:

Request a copy of the Webinar recording here

What is the smartest way to do IBM i Modernization?

IBM i Modernization doesn’t have to mean massive overhauls, business process interruptions, or long implementation delays.

Tony Graham, long-time IBM i user and Product Manager at LANSA,  discusses several paths for IBM i modernization. He explains how to make sure you are on the path that makes the most sense for your specific issues.

Watch Paths to Smart Modernization on the IBM i:

Learn more about the future of IBM and where it is headed in this article entitled, “3 Ways To Maximize And Future-Proof Your IBM i Investment.”

Would you like to learn more about Smart Modernization with IBMi 5250 and Portalize to get started?  Contact us!

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