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What Are IBM i Modernization Tools And Why Do They Matter?

by | May 31, 2022 | aXes, ERP Frameworks, ibm i modernization, RAMP | 0 comments

Organizations today rely on IBM-based IT infrastructure. So, they are trying to convert their legacy IBM i applications to be more secure, more productive, and to reflect the advancements in IT. One problem with the existing IBM i applications is that they are becoming more difficult to maintain. Fortunately, there are several IBM i modernization tools available for modernizing legacy applications. Moreover, good IBM i modernization tools allow applications to keep their proven backend operations while upgrading or automating the frontend interface.

Modernization is a challenging task that may make or damage a business. That is why IBM i modernization planning and strategy are important. Companies can modernize the existing code and user interfaces of IBM i applications using the IBM i modernization solutions. Furthermore, it’s easier than ever for businesses to leverage APIs and high-level languages like Object Pascal, Java, Python, etc., to enhance the functionality of their existing IBM i applications.

In this article, we will explore the different IBM i modernization tools and will also discuss why they are important for IBM i application modernization.

What are IBM i Modernization Tools?

IBM i modernization tools are helpful for solving the application modernization challenges associated with legacy applications. When a company updates or modernizes the existing IBM i applications, different challenges may arise, such as integration problems, modern usage constraints, a lack of developer resources, expensive operating and maintenance costs, etc. In this scenario, IBM i modernization tools minimize these potential risks and leverage the existing resources. 

The IBM i application modernization tools allow you to ensure that your application is generating as much business potential as possible. They also ensure that your application remains competitive in the age of mobile devices and the internet. 

Why are the IBM i Modernization Tools Important for the IBM Application Modernization Process?

Businesses expect software to be available at all times, 24/7. In this regard, they’ve paid special attention to mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have raised the bar in terms of user experience, and they allow you to access IBM i data and applications at any time and from any location.

Almost all organizations want to expand their IT businesses beyond the traditional boundaries. But, here the problem is, if they do this task without using any IBM i modernization tools, it takes a long time to complete the modernization process. Furthermore, companies don’t have enough technical resources that are necessary to upgrade the IBM legacy applications. Today, developers do not have much expertise to easily understand legacy code for green screen modernization. Using the IBM i modernization tools, businesses can achieve  several benefits with less budget and time:

  • They can enhance the user experience of the IBM green screen by adding web based interfaces.
  • Able to modernize the existing databases.
  • Remove the code complexity and offers code flexibility.
  • New languages and frameworks offer a more productive programmer environment.

How do LANSA IBM i Modernization Tools Help with Modernizing the IBM i Applications?

There are different IBM i modernization solutions out there to help with application modernization. LANSA offers different IBM i modernization tools to solve diverse business problems, such as tools for modernizing existing applications into the mobile, web, and client solutions; tools for modernizing the RPG and COBOL languages; and database modernization tools. 

LANSA IBM i application modernization tools enable companies to repurpose the useful parts of their existing applications into modern solutions without the developmental obstacle of rigid business processes. In this way, a company can easily replace or redesign the parts of their legacy applications with new components by using the powerful LANSA modernization tools. LANSA tools such as aXes, Visual LANSA, ERP frameworks, and Portalize enable businesses to modernize or rewrite existing IBM i applications at a low cost and in a short period of time. 

How to modernize the existing IBM green screen applications using aXes? 

aXes is a powerful IBM i modernization tool that turns 5250 IBM green screens into web-enabled applications. It allows enterprises to simply convert their existing IBM i 5250 applications into web pages without changing the source code. The LANSA aXes tool uses different legacy modernization techniques to meet your business requirements and applies these changes automatically across all screens in an application.

aXes includes an application programming interface (API) that allows developers to create programs that run RPG or COBOL applications automatically. Existing IBM i applications can use aXes to simulate the tasks of a person entering data on screens in a 5250 application. This feature allows you to integrate existing 5250 apps with.NET, Java, or other 5250 apps without modifying their source code. Furthermore, it also automates the data entry tasks.

How to create new IBM i applications using the IBM low-code platform?

Visual LANSA is a low-code, rapid app development, and IBM i modernization tool for developing enterprise-level mobile, web, and desktop apps.  The Visual LANSA platform makes it possible to design applications faster. This is achieved by streamlining the process and reducing the technical expertise required to finish a project. It is a fact that LANSA incorporates several useful tools, designed specifically for the IBM i. LANSA makes the modernization of IBM i applications as simple as possible.

LANSA IBM’s low-code platform enables developers to cross-platform application deployments such as IBM i, Linux, Windows, and wireless devices. All these modernized IBM i applications can be built with the same set of skills from within the same visual IDE.

How to implement legacy modernization techniques using RAMP?

The LANSA Rapid Application Modernization Process (RAMP) is a single, innovative IBM i modernization tool. RAMP is a re-engineering tool that enables businesses to quickly combine their applications into a graphical application framework. After that, it replaces the legacy programs with new, re-engineered components.

RAMP is a hybrid model of two distinct approaches: rewriting and refacing. The RAMP framework combines functions from refaced existing programs and recently written components into a single composite application, allowing IBM I enterprises to address urgent tactical issues while also planning for long-term reconstruction.

How does the LANSA ERP Framework modernize the IBM ERP systems?

The LANSA Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) framework is an open-source IBM enterprise resource planning application modernization tool for IBM i applications. 

The ERP framework is a comprehensive and enterprise-wide business solution with deep business capabilities. It provides you with an Executive Dashboard, Advanced Workflow, Desktop Integration, and flexible End User Queries. It also provides you the Reports that give you with the visibility you need to take charge and make intelligent decisions.

How to Build a Fast and Customized IBM Application Portal Using LANSA Portalize?

LANSA Portalize is another IBM I modernization tool for IBM I users. It’s a full-featured IBM i portal framework that’s scalable and customizable. Because of Visual LANSA’s flexibility, Portalize is ready to use as soon as you set it up. It’s also simple to adapt and modify as technology and user requirements change. 

When you need a complex portal but don’t have the time or resources to build one from scratch, Portalize is the ideal solution for IBM application modernization. Portalize offers several features such as rigorous security testing, administration, advanced navigation, Google analytics, session logging, and IP monitoring.

Are you ready to modernize your existing IBM i applications using the LANSA IBM i modernization tools?

LANSA IBM application modernization tools help in minimizing the risks and leveraging existing resources. So, if you’re looking to modernize your existing IBM i applications, LANSA IBM I modernization solutions give businesses complete control over their IBM i modernization projects. These IBM i application modernization tools also improve business productivity. 

Organizations can re-engineer the application to take advantage of the powerful LANSA IBM i modernization tools. Moreover, they include new technologies and methodologies such as Web Services, SOA, and XML for application modernization. Ready to automate and modernize your existing 5250 IBM green screen applications?  You can download and try aXes for free

Interested in learning more about LANSA’s solutions for modernizing IBM i legacy apps quickly and affordably? To begin using LANSA IBM i modernization tools for your application development and modernization needs, contact us



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