IBM i App Modernization: Expectation vs. Reality

IBM i applications are ubiquitous in the worldwide corporate infrastructure. Large numbers of the world’s leading corporations, including 70 percent of the Fortune 500, rely on this technology platform to maintain their operations. As IBM i infrastructure ages, it is commonly understood that application modernization may become necessary. Unfortunately, many managers are discouraged by their perceptions of the difficulties associated with application modernization. The objective of this post is to demonstrate how application modernization technologies may be used to overcome many of these obstacles.

Before describing some of the common modernization expectations, it is necessary to establish an obvious fact. Namely that no two projects will be identical. Enterprises vary significantly in terms of size, requirements, and needs. For some, green screen modernization will be of utmost importance, while for others, who have already completed the first phase of app modernization, legacy modernization strategies must be continued. The point is that whatever solution you choose must be adaptable enough to match your particular requirements. Not only in the now. It even more important as your company evolves and adapts to changing business circumstances in the future.

Let us now examine certain expectations to determine how far they can be from reality.

The expectations we shall examine which may not hold up in reality are:

  • Modernization projects will always be too costly.
  • A modernization project will necessitate a substantial increase of personnel.
  • Modernization is desirable but not necessary. Therefore, the benefits of an app modernization project will be minimal.
  • If we undertake a project, our developers will be completely occupied with app modernization for several months.

Is Modernization always incredibly costly?

Any substantial technical advancement will inevitably incur expenses. The essential query is, of course, “how much?” Many managers believe that the cost of app modernization is so prohibitive that it is not worth considering. Therefore, they are okay with proposing that developers continue to access the IBM green screen outside of a modern online context. There are two possible responses to this kind of response. First, the cost of modernization tools can be unexpectedly low. Specifically those that operate on IBM low-code platforms, as they will not consume a substantial amount of development time. In addition, in a rapidly evolving technology environment, upgrades and modernization are inevitable. It is preferable to do this in a controlled and managed manner as opposed to being forced to do so owing to a technology breakdown caused by an infrastructure that cannot meet the needs of the modern corporate environment.

Will App Modernization Require Considerable Additional Personnel?

Sometimes, modernization might sound terribly complicated. When managers hear terms such as ‘AS400 modernization,’ ‘RPG programming,’ and ‘IBM robotic process automation,’ they can practically picture all the additional developers this will take. This issue would have been understandable if everything had to be accomplished from scratch. However, the reality is that there are a multitude of fantastic turnkey app modernization solutions available. This means that enterprises and their developers will not have to reinvent the wheel in order to modernize their IBM i assets; rather, they can simply implement custom solutions.

Can We Proceed with Success Without Modernization?

This expectation may not be about app modernization per se, but rather the notion that operations can be maintained without it. However, if you want to maximize your investment in IBM i technology, you will need to include application modernization in your long-term strategy. Wishful thinking has no effect on technological advancements; they proceed regardless. If you do not keep up with developments in the technical world, you will be left behind. Keep in mind that even if you opt not to update, your competitors will likely not make the same decision. Therefore, businesses who refuse to modernize risk losing their competitive edge. This is a completely unnecessary risk, given that there are solutions available that will help you to modernize easily and affordably.

Will Modernization Take Over Our Developers’ Working Lives?

Modernizing complicated systems can appear to be a daunting and labor-intensive task. You may not believe that additional developers will be required, but many managers anticipate that app modernization will turn their developers’ lives upside down and leave them with little time for anything other than project management. In actuality, there are amazing low-code solutions that actively improve the life of developers rather than adding more work and layers of complexity. Even though some additional developer work will be necessary during the setup phase, the long-term goal is to reduce developer time. Freeing them to focus on other responsibilities that can increase customer satisfaction and generate income for the business.

The preceding section should have made it quite evident that many conventional expectations regarding app modernization are grossly incorrect. This is mostly because managers frequently lack a clear understanding of what the process entails. In addition, they are unaware of the fantastic tools that have been developed specifically to make the modernization process as efficient as possible. LANSA’s range of solutions contains some of the most effective tools available in this industry for AS400, IBM i, and beyond.

How can LANSA Support Your App Modernization Efforts?

LANSA is a market leader in application modernization. Our low-code, user-friendly IBM i modernization tools can aid businesses of all sizes in modernizing their infrastructure. This is accomplished through methods that are scalable and adaptable, allowing businesses to keep up with the ever-changing business environment. In this atmosphere, those who innovate the quickest and most creatively will have the upper hand. LANSA provides the tools necessary to accomplish this. In addition, the LANSA tools will help you improve reporting, strengthen security, and maximize your IT budget.

Is it Time to Determine What LANSA Can Do for You!

This post focused extensively on the expectations people bring to the upgrading of field applications. Hopefully, it is now evident that many of these assumptions are erroneous and that the actual situation is far more optimistic and good than you had previously thought.

To learn why this is almost certainly the case for your company as well, please contact LANSA today. The LANSA sales team will demonstrate how you may optimize the value of your IBM I infrastructure by bringing it up to date by discussing your specific needs. If you make this decision, you may discover that the reality exceeds your wildest expectations. Nonetheless, there is only one way to find out, so please contact us as soon as possible!

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