LANSA aXes: Web-Enable Your IBM i 5250 Apps on the Fly

Over the past few weeks we have seen Work From Home (WFH) become the norm for many businesses around the world. Numerous businesses already had the policies and infrastructure in place to allow remote workers access to everything they need to perform their daily duties. However, some companies are finding out it is not easy for remote workers to access legacy applications from the comfort of their homes. As WFH becomes more prominent, solutions to accessing applications that were never intended to be web enabled will become more important to businesses’ success.

Fortunately, LANSA has been enabling 5250 applications for web and mobile for years. LANSA’s aXes is a unique solution that allows 5250 applications to be converted to web pages on the fly. No programming skills are required, and you don’t need access to the source code. You simply install aXes on the IBM i, and your employees have secure access to their 5250 applications from any web-enabled device, including phones and tablets. The end users do not need to install anything on their devices. The work is all done on the IBM i—a simple yet powerful solution to filling gaps in your remote workforce infrastructure.

The beauty of aXes is you can quickly convert your applications to web pages with little effort. You can also take the time to customize, adding additional functionality and a more user-friendly interface. Additionally, you can use aXes to access spool files and query data sitting on your IBM i. The flexibility of aXes makes it a perfect choice to enable your remote workforce to access their 5250 applications from anywhere.

Don’t let legacy applications inhibit your company’s ability to enable a remote workforce. LANSA is here to help you unlock the constraints of your 5250 applications. LANSA aXes can quickly have your remote workforce efficiently working from home. Try it for free and see how easy it is to convert 5250 applications to web pages.

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Want to see aXes in action? Check out this webinar: https://lansa.com/resources/ibm-i-5250-modernization-instant-gui-for-web-mobile-and-more

Tony Graham: As product marketing manager, Tony draws on his experience as a former Information Systems Manager where he was responsible for developing enterprise applications. His broad range of experience includes leading a digital transformation initiative that included rewriting a custom legacy ERP system using the Visual LANSA low-code platform. Tony also specializes in software integration and has created custom data collection software for the manufacturing industry.