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LANSA’s ongoing innovation gives customers even more options. The most notable feature is LANSA’s low-code application development platform, which enables apps to connect to multiple servers, interfaces, form factors, and databases that run not only on IBM I but also on Windows, Linux, and Cloud platforms. LANSA also provides powerful IBM i modernization tools such as RAMP, LongRange, and aXes.

What is IBM i Platform?

LANSA is proud of its long history of supporting the IBM I platform. Since 1987, our development, modernization, and data integration products and solutions have evolved alongside IBM as it transitioned from System38 to AS/400, iSeries, System I and IBM i.

Through the decades, we have continued to help IT departments in maximizing productivity, innovation, and investment in IBM I by providing developers with powerful tools for quickly and easily developing web, mobile, and desktop apps that solve critical business problems.

How Work Gets Done on the IBM i?

For more than 30 years, LANSA has assisted enterprise technical teams in modernizing and expanding IBM I functionality. LANSA has an IBM I solution to meet your needs whether you need to develop new apps, modernize existing ones, or create an entire ERP.

LANSA assists businesses. Whether or not you need to:

  • Construct and manage massive inventory management systems.
  • Build infrastructure for hospitality bookings.
  • Create public-sector economic growth ecosystems.

For enterprise modernization projects, LANSA provides the right tools at the right price.

Approach for IBM i Modernization

IBM I companies believe that modernizing RPG/COBOL applications entails refacing existing 5250 screens with a graphical interface. They are correct, but they are missing the big picture.

Others believe that modernizing IBM I applications entails rewriting large portions of their systems using modern web technologies. Again, they are correct, but no one can afford the time, resources, and risk of large-scale projects anymore.

Modernization is performed in stages, new functionality can be introduced incrementally without serious impact to business operations, and the user interface becomes consistent across all of the applications.

  • Stage 1: Prototype and Design the New Application:

Imagine you were given a blank slate to develop new applications without regard for legacy applications. RAMP enables you to create your ideal application and then let LANSA figure out how to repurpose existing assets to run within the new system.

  • Stage 2: Navigation, Integration, and Initial Enrichment:

You decide which parts of your existing 5250 applications are good and bad by identifying screens as either navigation screens or work screens. RAMP allows you to reface the work screens and snap them inside the prototype. RAMP will also hide the navigation screens from the user by traversing them behind the scenes—users only see work screens.

  • Stage 3: Ongoing Reengineering and Enrichment:

The final result is more than modernization; it is a fully re-engineered application built with your vision to your plan and ready for your platform of choice. RAMP allows you to resume your modernization journey and continue digitally transforming your business.

More info about RAMP

Benefits of Modernizing IBM i Apps At Lightspeed

  • Modernize Existing Applications – Web enable 5250 screens on the fly. Add functionality and customization by combining screens, calling APIs, or using JavaScript. No source code required.
  • Create New Applications – With the power of low-code, you can create new web-enabled apps. Visual LANSA enables you to create apps up to ten times faster than traditional coding while maintaining complete native integration with your IBM i.
  • Combine New & Old Applications – Combine your existing 5250 screens and new apps created in Visual LANSA into one web-enabled framework. Increase the functionality of your current 5250 screens while removing the hierarchical navigation of your existing apps.
  • ERP Frameworks -LANSA’s ERP Frameworks are made up of three modules (manufacturing, distribution, and financials) that can be used as stand-alone solutions or combined to form the ultimate ERP.
  • Build Custom Portals, Fast -Portalize, which is powered by Visual LANSA, is a full-featured portal code starter that includes the most requested and necessary features right out of the box. Simply plug in a Visual LANSA (or multiple apps) and you have a fully functional portal ready to deploy.

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