What Are The Best IBM i Application Modernization Solutions?

When it comes to running a successful business, especially one reliant on technology, there are few things as important as agility. This can be defined as the ability to quickly respond to the changes and challenges that the market throws at you. This can be challenging if you are relying on aging infrastructure and applications. However, if your business applications run within the IBM i environment there is always the option of modernization. This leads to a logical follow-up question: What are the best IBM i Application solutions. At LANSA we believe that many of these solutions come together in a product called aXes, which we will introduce in the rest of this article.

IBM i application modernization should provide companies with the ability to bring legacy infrastructure up-to-speed again quickly and seamlessly. This process should be intuitive and not reliant on significant time investments by developers. We firmly believe that aXes tick these boxes and that you will be able to answer ‘Yes’ to the most important questions that should be asked about IBM i application modernization solutions. These questions are the following:

Can IBM i 5250 Applications be Web Enabled?

One of the most sweeping and interesting trends of the past few years was the development of web-native applications. This means that many developers and other IT professionals are very used to do most of their work within a web environment. The problem is, however, that IBMi (otherwise known as “IBM i”) 5250 applications are not compatible with a web interface. In this instance, a key part of IBM i application modernization must be to seamlessly bring such applications into a web environment without complex processes or the writing of complex code. This is a key strength of aXes, as it enables users to make the transition with a minimum of fuss.

Can IBM i Spooled Files be Managed from a Browser?

Anyone familiar with the IBM i environment will know that access to spooled files is vital for data gathering and analysis. However, accessing spooled files can be quite challenging under the best circumstances. This problem is compounded in situations where IBM i modernization is concerned. How do you effective bring older spooled files into a new environment? An ideal solution would be a point and click browser-friendly interface that will allow you to quickly convert spooled files to PDF, HTML, or text. This capability is a core part of the capabilities of aXes. Users will, therefore, find that aXes will greatly simplify their use and management of spooled files.

Is it possible to create a modern UI for 5250 applications?

If you are familiar with the IBM i environment, you will no doubt agree that there are many 5250 applications that still very useful for a variety of key functions. However, they can be cumbersome to use due to older and clunky interfaces. The ideal is, therefore, to retain key functions while bringing the user interface up to date. In addition to this, 5250 applications should also enable users to add new controls, redesign screens and move elements within a web environment. With aXes, users will have these capabilities at their fingertips.

Does it contain a DB2 query tool to gain insight from your data?

Dealing with large and complex datasets running on IBM i applications can be very cumbersome. Especially since it can sometimes be very challenging to gain quick and reliable query results. IBM i app modernization should, therefore, include tools that will enable fast and accurate database queries. Ideally, users should be able to finely customize such queries and use them for later use. aXes contains a DB2 query tool that will enable you to explore your data right from within your browser.

Is application mobilization for IBM i possible?

Mobile access, even for complex business-related apps has in some become non-negotiable. A future proof IBM i application modernization strategy will, therefore, also provide avenues for apps to be able accessible on mobile devices. This may seem like a very significant challenge, but it is one that the developers behind aXes have mastered. Users will be able to access their modernized in a variety of environment, including on mobile devices.

Will I be able to automate data exchange using host integration?

Reliable, seamless, and fast data exchange is vitally important. Unfortunately, not all modernization efforts manage to effectively bring data across. The ideal in this field is an API that will be able to operate RPG and COBOL programs. This feature is included in aXes and has the potential to substantially reduce data-transfer headaches.
With aXes, all the most important IBM i modernization solutions can be answered positively. It is, therefore, the ideal product to help your business gain the agility that you need to survive and thrive in a hyper-competitive and fast changing environment.

By using aXes for your modernization needs you will be able to rely on LANSA’s proven track record of producing easy to use and highly functional products in the IBM i modernization space. Please get in touch with our sales team today to discuss your specific needs.

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