Rapidly Accelerate Your Productivity Through Low-Code With Visual LANSA

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If you think about all the different software deployment options that have come and gone over the last decade, then you realize there is a lot of wasted productivity tied up in obsolete legacy systems. Now, imagine you could generate consistent looking, high quality enterprise applications. Even better, imagine you could do it with minimal coding using a tool that has been rock solid for decades.  Consider the time and money you could save.  The success of low-code platforms rely on their ability to integrate with everything.  It doesn’t matter whether the objects are in the cloud, on-premises, or on a local device, server, or workstation.

Visual LANSA understands the problems that businesses face today. That is why Visual LANSA is a low-code platform that can help you build applications faster and achieve maximum productivity.  With the low-code Visual LANSA IDE, you can use LANSA to build and deploy Progressive Web Apps (PWAs), IBM i 5250 clients, Windows desktop applications, mobile apps, and much more.

How can LANSA help you Build Better Applications Faster?

Visual LANSA can assist your business  in rapidly increasing productivity through low code by:

  • RESPOND TO DEMAND: Build apps faster than ever before with Visual LANSA. Improve developer productivity and satisfy the demand for custom apps.
  • DO MORE WITH LESS: Allow every developer to work on any part of an application. Increase output without adding headcount or hiring expensive developers and eliminate specialized teams.
  • DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION: Transform your manual and paper-based processes into web, mobile, cloud, and desktop applications for better efficiency, and productivity, as well as data accuracy.
  • GO MOBILE: Quickly mobile-enable the parts of your business that need remote access to business-critical information. Enable-IT to reduce costs and also improve your bottom line.
  • DEPLOY ANYWHERE: The flexibility to deploy to an IBM I or Windows server or take your apps to the cloud anytime for better agility and elasticity. Improve availability while also cutting operational costs.

Does LANSA Eliminate Teams of Specialized Skills?

Every developer can work on any part of an application using the Visual LANSA low-code platforms. Developers can use the same skills to write client-side code, server-side code, and everything in between with LANSA’s high-level language. Eliminate splintered development teams and unify your existing team.

  • REDUCE COMPLEXITY: LANSA’s high-level language shields developers from supporting and becoming experts in many languages and technologies.
  • UPGRADE YOUR TEAM: The only way to increase IT output—besides hiring more staff—is to provide your current staff with better development tools.
  • BREAK DOWN SILOS: Hiring and training developers with specialized programming skills promotes siloed development. Train all your developers on the same skill set.
  • SKILLS MANAGEMENT: Stop struggling to find resources for each project. Equip and enable all your developers to universally work on every part of a project.
  • STOP HUNTING FULL-STACK DEVELOPERS:  LANSA turns your current team of developers into highly productive full-stack experts with minimal training.

Can it provide Fast Development and Even Faster Maintenance?

LANSA’s Business Rules Engine and Data Services Layer encourage a new approach to application development and maintenance. Given that ongoing maintenance accounts for 80% of an application’s total cost of ownership, Visual LANSA provides excellent ROI when updates are required.

  • DEFINE system-wide business rules and data constraints throughout all LANSA-developed applications, regardless of what platform they are deployed on.
  • ENFORCE rules and constraints throughout all LANSA-developed applications, regardless of what platform they are deployed on.
  • ELIMINATE platform or database lock-in. LANSA’s rules engine works on multiple server platforms and databases.
  • IMPROVE data integrity because every application will adhere to the same set of business rules and validation checks before allowing the database transaction to take place.
  • REDUCE the time required to make system-wide changes by updating business rules, data visualizations, and much more in a single metadata repository.

Does It Integrate with Just About Everything?

LANSA also helps you integrate with in-house, legacy, on-premise, or cloud-based applications. LANSA’s integration capabilities stand well above other alternatives. You can easily extend data from any database on any platform to web, mobile, and desktop applications, as well.

Is It Write Once and Run Anywhere?

Changing server platforms or databases can be a huge pain. It can be challenging. With LANSA’s multiple deployments and migration capabilities, you are immune to platform, database, or interface lock-in. Moreover,  you have complete control over where and how your applications run.

  • SERVER PLATFORMS: Deploy your applications on single or multitier Windows, and Linux, as well as IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400) servers.
  • CLOUD OR ON-PREM: You can deploy on-premises or in the cloud (Azure, AWS, private).
  • DATABASES: Visual LANSA works with Microsoft SQL Server, IBM Db2, Oracle, MySQL, and more.
  • INTERFACES: Choose between web/mobile browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11+), native or hybrid mobile apps (iOS, Android, Windows), as well as Windows desktop clients.
  • CHANGE YOUR MIND: If you have a change of heart, Visual LANSA allows you to swap databases or server platforms without much change to your applications.

What are the benefits of Visual LANSA in Productivity?

Visual LANSA’s low-code development platform lets businesses digitally transform their operations and increase IT efficiency while reducing risk and technical debt. This allows developers to finish on time and respond to increased application demand.

  • Reducing Application Development Complexity: LANSA’s low-code development platform transforms everyone into a full-stack developer. LANSA contains a language, WYSIWYG designer, and one-click deployment for all form factors of an application.
  • Improving Data Integrity: Visual LANSA’s integrated Business Rules Engine acts as both the custodian and the enforcer of business rules in an application. It kicks into action when an application attempts to change business data.
  • Getting It Right the First Time: Visual LANSA’s application framework allows you to create high-quality enterprise applications with minimal coding. The tool includes live prototyping, prebuilt navigation, auto-generated search filters, and detail panels as well as user-access security, and a lot more.
  • Integrating with Anything: Visual LANSA is a low-code platform that directly integrates with your existing data and assets, both new and old alike.
  • Future-Proofing Applications & Developers: Visual LANSA is a cloud-based platform for IT. It lets you swap platforms and also databases or migrate to/from the cloud with little disruption.
  • Going Beyond Model-Based Development: Low-code platforms work well for building systems of engagement applications. With Visual LANSA, you can build both systems of engagement and systems of record applications in the same place at the same time. You can standardize on one low-code platform for all development needs.

Are you ready to Accelerate your Business Productivity through a rock solid Low-Code Platform?

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