5 Low-Code Tools That Can Supercharge Your Productivity

Did you know that 42% of developers’ time is spent on maintaining legacy code? And that this amounts to about $300 billion annually? 

Now, combine this with the increasing expectation for companies to develop and release apps faster and with fewer resources. You’d agree that boosting productivity is the sine qua non to staying competitive in any market. 

This is where low-code app development comes in. If companies can double down on this to deliver software development in more productive ways with better results, there’s a large amount of time and money to be saved. 

On that note, we’ve compiled this list of powerful low-code tools you can integrate into your workflow to supercharge your productivity. 

Visual LANSA

The LANSA low-code development platform accelerates application development by eliminating the need to master the multiple technical skills normally required to produce software applications. With LANSA, only a single skill needs to be mastered to build applications across all different mobile devices, browsers, servers, and cloud platforms.

Here are more ways this tool can help you boost productivity:

  • Visual LANSA contains a full-stack language, WYSIWYG designer, and one-click deployment for all form factors to accelerate your app development process.
  • Visual LANSA’s application framework, which includes live prototyping, prebuilt navigation, auto-generated search filters and detail panels, user-access security, and a lot more, allows you to generate consistent, high-quality enterprise applications with minimal coding.
  • This tool allows you to integrate your existing data and assets with everything directly, whether the objects are in the cloud, on-premises, or on a local device, server, or workstation. 


The next tool on our list is Portalize, a fully functional, fully customizable portal framework loaded with the most essential portal features right out of the box. With this tool, your developers can focus on creating solutions rather than spending time developing complex features needed in today’s application portals.

That said, here are ways Portalize can increase your productivity:

  • With Portalize, your developers can now focus on solving problems and creating solutions instead of spending time developing a portal.
  • Portalize is designed for fast navigation between pages, resulting in an amazing user experience. By utilizing the latest web technologies available to Visual LANSA, along with optimized use of portal modules, users won’t have to wait for pages to load or actions to complete.
  • Portalize is scalable, so it can handle enterprise-level portals but works perfectly with smaller portals as well. Portalize can handle thousands of users yet is affordable enough to make hosting smaller portals economical and beneficial. You can start small and scale up, start big and stay big, or start small and stay small—each situation is perfectly suited for Portalize.

LANSA Integrator

LANSA Integrator simplifies exchanging data between applications and transferring files and documents between businesses. It enables bi-directional flows of data and/or files in almost any format. LANSA Integrator is a strategic middleware that provides tools and services to enable:

  • Application-to-application data exchanges.
  • Business-to-business document transfer and data interchanges.
  • Automating manual business data integration.
  • Simplified data integration solution design and reduced development effort.

Here are other ways LANSA Integrator can boost your productivity:

  • LANSA Integrator simplifies integration design by providing the tools needed to receive, extract, transform, and send data. 
  • LANSA Integrator allows you to easily design and build data flows that link a new application with existing applications, especially data flows that cross corporate boundaries. It takes care of the detailed work that ensures the data is in the desired format and reaches its destination successfully.
  • Your developers can interact with LANSA Integrator’s services to manipulate data using simple commands instead of coding complex APIs.

LANSA Composer

LANSA Composer is a simple and cost-effective way to get business transactions in and out of your business systems with less human effort. A comprehensive range of built-in activities makes it possible for nonprogrammers to create simple solutions to complex problems without coding.

Here are more ways you can supercharge your productivity using LANSA Composer

  • LANSA Composer allows you to automate processes, thereby minimizing the need for human intervention and managing exceptions. Companies that automate business processes see productivity improvements of anywhere from 40 to 140 percent after two years.
  • LANSA Composer decreases development time by including a set of ready-made activities that most companies need for business process integration.

LANSA ERP Frameworks

This software is an open-source enterprise resource planning software solution for IBM i (System i, iSeries, AS/400). It is a comprehensive, enterprise-wide business solution with:

  • Rich business functionality
  • An Executive Dashboard
  • Advanced Workflow
  • Desktop Integration, and
  • Flexible End User Queries and Reports

All this gives you the visibility you need to gain control and make educated business decisions.

That’s not all, here are more ways lANSA ERP Frameworks can boost your productivity:

  • LANSA’s IBM i enterprise resource planning software comes equipped with a complete business process integration and workflow engine enabling business transactions from any source or format to be automatically processed based on business priorities and needs.
  • With LANSA ERP, there is no vendor lock-in, high maintenance fees, being stuck on a release, or bad customer support.

Are You Ready to Supercharge Your Productivity

Low-code in itself is powerful. However, to boost productivity it must be integrated with the right tools. That said, all the tools listed in this article provides you an avenue to maximize time, be increasingly productive, and stay a step ahead of your competition. 

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