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Streamline work with new and improved software

Introduce next-generation business applications even with a small team of developers just like how these brands modernized their core systems using LANSA. 


IBM i (AS/400) modernization on your terms 

Reface, extend, and develop new IBM i (AS/400) applications based on your specific needs and budget. Upgrade your software faster with LANSA’s professional low-code tools. 

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IBM i Modernization tools to future-proof your applications

Leverage existing investments and modernize cost-effectively. Elect to release developments in stages and facilitate high-impact legacy transformation without disrupting day-to-day business.

Drive value and cut costs with LANSA’s IBM i modernization solutions

With decades of experience in IBM i (AS/400) modernization, we can help you make a lasting impact on your organization at large.

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Lower maintenance 

Faced with increasing technical debt and challenges hiring RPG developers? Modernize and reduce overall maintenance with LANSA’s professional low-code. 

Redesign experiences 

Solve growing pains for your users and customers. Set your team up for agile development and consistent innovation to deliver outstanding experience on any device. 

Simplify integrations 

Open up your IBM i (AS/400) applications and allow seamless two-way communication with other systems. Get scaling and start automating to gain a competitive advantage in today’s digital world.


Reface and web-enable

Immediately increase user satisfaction and productivity by introducing a more modern UI. Instantly reface and web-enable your legacy applications within minutes upon installing aXes.


Expand and upgrade

Transport your 5250 applications to the web, maintain them for less, and introduce new functionalities that enhance overall usability with RAMP. No RPG or COBOL skills required.


Develop all-new applications

Respond to rapidly evolving business and technical requirements. Develop bespoke applications 3x faster than traditional coding, and deploy on either IBM i or Windows.


Extend to mobile

Create mobile applications fit for today’s mobile-first market and remote-ready workplace. Harness LANSA’s solutions and expertise to build native applications you can run on the i.

“We have delivered the new and improved functionality with our own small team, without having to hire EDI, XML or Java experts.”

- Technical Lead at Strattec

“We have simplified complex business processes while maintaining the integrity of the underlying applications and business controls using LANSA.” 


“Discover how Micron was able to go to market with a new Windows solution and generate new sales out of their RPG-based ERP system in a matter of months.” 

New Technology Team Lead at Mincron 


Get started to web-enable your 5250 screens on the fly.
Add functionality and customization by combining screens, calling APls, or using JavaScript.

No source code required.

aXes automatically Web-enables, customizes and simplifies the deploy of your 5250 applications without changing a single line of code.


An IBM i Modernization Strategy for Immediate Results and Long-Term Strategy

Some IBM i companies believe that modernizing RPG/COBOL applications means refacing existing 5250 screens with a graphical interface. They are right, but they’re missing the big picture.

Others believe that modernizing IBM i application means rewriting large portions of their systems with modern web technologies. Again, they are correct, but no one can afford the time, resources, and risk of large-scale projects anymore.


Simplify the way your apps are developed
Make your business engine run smoother and faster with Visual LANSA Professional Low-Code platform.

LANSA takes enterprise application development efficiency to a level beyond what traditional low-code development platforms offer. 

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