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For over three decades now, we have been helping businesses with IT transformation by providing developers with professional low-code tools that simplify IBM i (AS/400) modernization.

Low-code Buyer's Guide for Enterprise Application Development

Download our guide to learn how to select a low-code development platform that enables you to build applications faster, without compromising performance or functionality.

This buyer’s guide includes:

A walk-through of what low-code can help you achieve with various use cases and tips to make it happen

A buying checklist for low-code tools and a deep dive into vital features for successful application deployment

Inspiration from Honda Australia and Elder’s low-code development case studies


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Build Anything, Fast.

Take back control with the Visual LANSA Low-Code Platform

Visual LANSA’s unmatched Professional low-code development platform enables the rapid building, deployment, and operation of the apps that make your business run. Eliminate silos between IT and development.

Visual LANSA Features

Single Low-Code Language

Single codebase orchestrates your entire application from the frontend to backend eliminating the need for multi-stack developers that make applications expensive to develop and maintain.

One repository houses all elements essential for your application. Users define business rules in one location and apply them to all your application modules and components to radically increase efficiency and flexibility.

Active Repository Engine

Easy to use IDE allows developers to quickly jump from a visual “drag and drop” development to scripting for maximum productivity. The LANSA Studio is loved by both novice and experienced developers.

Single Visual Development Environment

Business-ready Performance

Fast to Build, Easy to Learn, Always tuned for Performance. Low-level code compilation ensures high performance on multiple hosted platforms, including IBM i, Windows, and various cloud solutions. LANSA performs like a native application leveraging deeper OS integration vs other Low Code solutions.

Integrated responsie design enables deployment on multiple devices from desktop to mobile without changes to your code.

Cross Platform Deployment

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Flexibility with cloud or on-premises deployment options to IBM i, Windows, Linux Native.

Powerful abstraction layer isolates developers from database intricacies and standardizes data access across database products (Database Management Management Systems (DBMS) agnostic).

Data Services Independence

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