LANSA makes popular RAD tool available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

LANSA makes popular RAD tool available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace
Now your enterprise web applications can have less code and more cloud
LANSA CloudDowners Grove, IL — September 23, 2016 — Visual LANSA is the original low code, high productivity tool for Microsoft developers. Today LANSA announces that its Visual LANSA Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is now Azure certified and is available on subscription from the Azure Marketplace. Developers can now build Windows, Web and Mobile applications with the sublime ease and confidence that only such a proven platform pairing can offer.

The reality of deploying enterprise web applications for serious business systems is starting to bite. Organizations are being hit hard as both the cost and complexity of digital transformation are spiraling out of control. But ‘going digital’ should not be the goal at any price or require the sacrificing of good industry practice like quality software design, high developer productivity and future-proof systems.

LANSA has changed the game by eliminating the vast choice of development tools, programming languages and JavaScript frameworks that confound today’s so-called full-stack web developers. Instead, one simple programming language is used to develop the client-side, the server-side and everything in between – and all from within the modern Visual LANSA IDE that is easy to master.

Visual LANSA on Azure is different from other development and deployment platforms…

Powerful desktop-style applications delivered in a Web browser
Zero coding with JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Ever! LANSA generates it all
Simple WYSIWYG Web Page UI construction
Whole-of-Application prototyping with the Visual LANSA Framework
Centralized business rules and data validations for 100% data integrity system-wide
One-click deployment to Cloud, Windows, Linux or IBM i servers
Automatic responsiveness to multiple device types and sizes
Inbuilt access to mobile device hardware features such as the camera and geolocation
…but don’t just believe it. Come and see it. The Azure subscription plans now make the awesome power of Visual LANSA available and affordable to everyone; not just the large enterprises and sophisticated ISVs that have entrusted LANSA with their mission-critical workloads for the past three decades.

To learn more about LANSA’s cloud products, visit or the Azure Marketplace.

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