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Partners in Western Europe

Partners in Western Europe

Rue de Néverlée 12
Parc Industriel de Rhisnes
B-5020 Namur
Tel: +61 (8) 8139 1800
Contact: Enrico Cerica
Email: Civadis

Civadis provides systems to government sectors, management of technical infrastructures and networks, education and IT consultancy. Civadis develop CPAS2000, a specifically designed solution for the administration of Belgian welfare centers.

Remmicom NV
Stationsstraat 145
B-2235 Westmeerbeek-Hulshout
Contact: L. Jacobs
Tel: +32 1 668 0223
Email: Remmicom

Remmicom is an IT company that has a lot of experience with the iSeries (AS/400) technology which specializes in software for local public administrations and has a market rate of 20% of the Belgian (flemish) cities.

Remmicom offers interesting solutions using modern technology like LANSA for the Web, LANSA for i, RPG/400 and many more.

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