Announcing the best BI solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
Announcing the best BI Solution for the IBM i! Discover LANSA BI here
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Ficos Open

Ficos Open provides integrated facilities for Treasury, Cash Management and Workflow Management. Ficos goes further than just registering financial facts. It offers advanced graphical facilities for financial analysis and integrates the data from its modules to provide business information to support management decisions.

Ficos Open provides modules for:

  • Treasury
  • Fixed Assets
  • Cash Management
  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Analysis.

A broad range of companies including Bridgestone, Montefibre, EADS Cassidian, Volkswagen Finance, Riu Hotels & Resorts Nestle and 3M use Ficos Open to control their finances.

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Availability Details:
Languages: English and Spanish (Multilingual setup)
Countries: Europe and South America
Platforms: IBM i, Windows or Linux servers and Windows clients

Partner Contact Details:
FicosNet S.A.
C. Bruc, 144, Ent. 2a
08037 Barcelona

Contact: Josep Pons
Tel: +34 933 222 500
Fax: +34 933 222 950
Email: FicosNet