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Desktop Query Builder and Reporting Tool

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No-Code Report Generation Solution

The point-and-click query builder allows business users to create their own queries with drag-and-drop ease. Users choose the files they wish to interrogate, nominate the fields needed for the report and execute the query. There is no need to learn SQL to build the queries and filter the data for the query result data.

Desktop Query Builder and Reporting Tool

LANSA Client is an ad-hoc reporting tool that enables normal business users to create custom reports and build queries to run later, without being an IT professional. IT is still in charge since they control which users have access to certain sets of data.

Ease of Use

LANSA Client enables business users to securely access enterprise data using a simple, graphical user interface. No need for users to be a coders or know SQL.
Users can finally get the data they need, when they need it.

Run Now or Save for Later

LANSA Client displays data – in real-time –
as rows and columns in a data grid, or in graphical views such as pie charts and bar graphs, that can be printed as a report.
Or, users can save their queries and
deploy them as an icons on the desktop
to be run later.

Secured Access

Defining and controlling query access in the LANSA Meta Data Repository centralizes the configuration and definition information. The repository holds the rules for navigating between files, ensuring that users will be able to work with the data they are allowed to use.


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