The information on this page overrides any other information on the LANSA Licensing pages.

Licensing LANSA products and features involves 3 basic steps

  1. Generating specific details for the CPU that the LANSA license is to be applied to.
  2. Sending a license request to LANSA with this information.
  3. Applying the generated license to the same CPU.

Notice: From May 2019, LANSA will move from using 3rd party softkey and hardware keys for Visual LANSA development licensing to a different model. LANSA will no longer be offering any of the following options for development licensing for any version of Visual LANSA.

  • 3rd party hardware key (also known as a dongle) option
  • 3rd party Softkey options
  • 3rd party License Server option

These options will be replaced by the Visual LANSA development licensing options introduced in EPCs for V14 SP2 and V13 SP2.

The new Visual LANSA development licensing model will be offered on the LANSA supported versions detailed here. Converting to the new model involves 3 simple steps

  1. Apply the EPC applicable to your version of Visual LANSA. V13 SP2 requires EPC133400. V14 SP2 requires EPC142050. Alternatively, a new instance of Visual LANSA V14 SP2 can be installed from the DVD spin0338, which has all EPCs up to EPC142050 included.
  2. The LANSA License team will provide replacement licenses in advance to all LANSA customers on maintenance. If you have not been provided with a replacement license, you can request a replacement license from your local LANSA Licensing representative by sending them your CPU details. New CPU details (stored in a file called x_cpu.txt) can be generated using the steps here.
  3. Apply the new license using the link in the section below applicable to your Visual LANSA version.

Version 14

For V14, new licenses are required across all the LANSA product suite.

Version 13

With V13, new licenses are required across all the LANSA product suite. Also in V13, LANSA Integrator licenses are applied as server license codes, not as softkey licenses.

Version 11 and Version 12