December 2006 5th Edition

  • New VLF version
  • Using CheckNumeric in WAMs
  • MQSeries and EBCDIC characters
  • Wrong location Copied packages
  • Disable F1 Help in the VLF
  • JSMDirect did not complete
  • Layout changes FLA
  • Get CCSID current job
  • EPC790 Highlights
  • Google Maps in your VLF

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View the Dutch version (PDF 1.75MB)

September 2006 4th Edition

  • RAMP from LANSA
  • Upgrade problem setup 11.0
  • Help options in CU3
  • WEB_MAP command in CU3
  • MCH3402 error in RDMLX functions
  • LANSA Customer day Amsterdam
  • Break on Condition for Debugging
  • Explorer Example Application
  • LANSA iSeries 11.3 CD’s
  • Imbedded Interface Points
  • RRNO in Logicals
  • Open Query File not in RDMLX

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View the Dutch version (PDF 2.03MB)

June 2006 3rd Edition

  • LANSA version 11.3
  • LANSA and V5R4
  • CGIConvMode Setting and LANSA for the Web
  • Advanced Enter key in Visual LANSA
  • Visual LANSA Framework: Web with IE7 beta
  • Visual LANSA Framework: Demo before CU3
  • Compile error RDMLX objects
  • PrintScreen functionality in Visual LANSA
  • Crash WAM on HP Notebook
  • Cannot start Visual LANSA on Server PC
  • Using the PDFSpoolFileService
  • Visual LANSA Framework: What's new in CU3

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View the Dutch version (PDF 1.42MB)

April 2006 2nd Edition

  • LANSA support for V5R4
  • Enforce User Access in Visual LANSA
  • WAM error "Pase module not loaded"
  • Any Data, Any Format, Any ….
  • Prepare Event Popup menu
  • EPC Information
  • Deployment Tool and Components
  • Go Back in WAM
  • Checked in RDMLX function
  • License request Visual LANSA
  • NotificationStyle Property

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February 2006 1st Edition

  • Award for LANSA
  • LANSA2005 GreenPieces
  • No connection LANSA network Client
  • Code Fragment Virtual Field
  • Recursive Triggers RDMLX partition
  • MS Access OTHER file
  • Installation and Upgrade LANSA
  • Info4iSeries Expo Netherlands
  • WAM with HTTP Header Variables
  • Development Tools Race
  • Considerations for RDMLX on iSeries
  • Convert a String to Words

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View the Dutch version (PDF 204KB)