December 2007 5th Edition

  • LANSA Composer
  • New Visual LANSA Framework version available
  • Unable to Transform Input XML WAMs
  • JSM Service File paths
  • LANSA Integrator Functions used properly
  • X_RUN parameters in Client/Server environment
  • Free LAB session LANSA Composer (Dutch version only)

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September 2007 4th Edition

  • System I Expo Netherlands
  • Crystal Reports cannot open DBF file
  • Intrinsic functions PositionOf and PositionIn
  • Logon in Visual LANSA Framework
  • Mixed case in JSM commands
  • UpdateListEntryData in Visual LANSA Framework
  • AutoTab property of a field
  • Resource busy error IFS
  • Windows help no longer supported in Vista

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Download the Visual LANSA Framework Logon files (Zip 15KB)

July 2007 3rd Edition

  • New Visual LANSA Framework version
  • Visual LANSA Framework and Vista
  • Deploying Visual LANSA Framework Web applications
  • Microsoft Vista and LANSA
  • New LANSA Integrator version
  • Newlook, Visual LANSA Framework and RAMP
  • LIST longer than 256 in RDML
  • PDFDocumentService Integrator
  • *EPCCHK error Visual LANSA Framework
  • Unrecoverable errors occurred WAMs
  • CSS and WAMs
  • New X_RUN printer options
  • New LIST_PRINTERS Builtin
  • Identify XSLT processor WAM

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May 2007 2nd Edition - Dutch only

  • Performance in een LANSA web applicatie
  • Functie Punt Analyse
  • System I Future Proof event
  • LANSA Data Sync Direct

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March 2007 1st Edition

  • Variant Handling
  • MS SQL Server Collections in Visual LANSA
  • Skype takes over HTTP port
  • Layout/screen formatting XSL editor
  • How to use GZip in the Visual LANSA Framework
  • The cell of a Grid
  • Integrator performance SOAP service
  • Visual LANSA Framework Web Configuration and Debugging tips
  • IE7 with the Visual LANSA Framework for the Web
  • UINUSERGROUP error Visual LANSA Framework
  • MCH3601 QC2POSIX error on V5R1
  • Images Viewer

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