October 2008 3rd Edition

  • LANSA V11 SP5
  • LANSA Tech Exchange
  • New Visual LANSA Framework version
  • Speed up Visual LANSA Framework Web Save/Generate
  • Blocked Zip Files
  • New Course Schedule Benelux
  • LANSA User Group
  • LANSA Open for .NET

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July 2008 2nd Edition

  • .NET technologies with LANSA
  • Details of Support for IBM i 6.1
  • New EditorChanged event Grid
  • Objects after LANSA compile iSeries
  • LANSA WAMs iSeries Requirements
  • Benefits PNG Image Format
  • 'Page-at-a-time' strange nowadays
  • Visual LANSA client/server techniques
  • LANSA reaches YouTube generation
  • Visual LANSA Framework Web AutoSignoff window
  • Trace down performance WAMs
  • Backup Integrator Studio Projects
  • List of saved Frameworks
  • LIIMAIN crashes without any reason
  • Support LANSA V10 will stop
  • Identify build version JAR file
  • New LANSA Web Site

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View the Dutch version (PDF 1.2MB)

March 2008 1st Edition

  • LANSA V11 SP4
  • Performance
  • Visual LANSA IDE
  • Remote Interactive Debugging
  • Deployment
  • Security
  • iSeries Enhancements
  • Framework and RAMP
  • LANSA Integrator
  • Unicode Support
  • Many Other Enhancements

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