October 2009 4th Edition

  • aXes
  • Planned Support Windows 7
  • Planned Support Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Background colour TreeView
  • External Graphs in VL
  • Install fails: full message queue
  • Altova Mapforce problem
  • Changes to IBM SQL Engine
  • TreeView problem in EPC845

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June 2009 3rd Edition

  • VLF.NET Applications
  • Issue with PDFDocumentService
  • 'FTP Server not found' Deployment Tool
  • 'Cannot create classpath' start JSM
  • Multiple CPYTOIMPF or CPYFRMIMPF commands
  • Fiddler Web Debugging
  • Temporary files in X_LANSA on IFS
  • New VLF version (EPC839)
  • Open files error EPC837
  • NEW!! LANSA Database Triggers in EPC838
  • Web CRUD Application in EPC842

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April 2009 2nd Edition

  • Performance increase Sybase
  • More than 20 Sybase connections
  • Source code Split View in the IDE
  • Teraspace storage in OS400 V5R4
  • Fatal error debugging EPC834
  • Update error Other Files
  • uQueryCanDeactivate in VLF EPC831
  • VLF.NET Application Level Tracing
  • TAG feature in the VL IDE
  • IDE crash when editing XSL source
  • Important System i Commands
  • PrompterActivate Event
  • Activate command at start VLF
  • MAIL_ADD_TEXT – second argument
  • Important IBM PTFs for V6R1

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January 2009 1st Edition

  • Enable short Char
  • Field Visualisation in WAMs
  • Language CCSID mappings feature
  • Problems with decimals
  • Shipped details VLF
  • Firewall considerations EPC830
  • Unable to restore V11 SP5 objects
  • Integrator licence on System i
  • *BLDNO error after applying EPC830
  • Support LANSA V10 will end
  • VLF.Net with iSeries Apache
  • PrintScreen functionality VL

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View the Dutch version (PDF 2.09MB)