December 2011 4th Edition

  • LongReach
  • VLF problems with PDF Viewer 10.1.1
  • Mirroring on IBM I for LANSA
  • Hidden columns on a WAM
  • The Speed of Integers
  • Finding and working with Spool Files
  • Search Audit Stamps in RDML source
  • Using a Cookie in a WAM
  • JSM Restrictive Access
  • aXesTS issues V6R1 CUME
  • LANSA & Mobile Broadband software
  • Cleanup program W3_P2200.exe fails
  • jQuery Weblets in existing WAMs
  • Incorrect help Integrator Studio
  • New VLF for iPads and Tablets

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September 2011 3rd Edition

  • Visual LANSA Framework Instance List Visualisation
  • Repository Object greyed out
  • Visual LANSA V12 SP1 install error
  • Window Ghosting
  • ZIPFileService and .gz file format
  • Unable to restore V12 objects
  • Optimization of JAR files
  • Unexpected DE2 behaviour aXes
  • Missing C++ Runtime file
  • Reorganize log file MS SQL Server
  • Webroutine with no layout V12 SP1
  • Cleaning up the LOB directory
  • PDFDocumentService error
  • Configuring JSM *PUBLIC access

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June 2011 2nd Edition

  • LANSA V12 SP1
  • What’s new in LANSA V12 SP1
  • Build Rich and Dynamic Websites
  • External Resources in the Repository
  • Install or Upgrade LANSA into IASPs
  • Latest Visual LANSA Framework
  • Latest LANSA Integrator
  • EPC859 Enhancements

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May 2011 1st Edition

  • New Visual LANSA Framework version
  • New Support Page LANSA
  • aXes 2.1
  • Modify BLOB fields iSeries > 10MB

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