November 2015 2nd Edition

  • LANSA V14
    1. Visual LANSA Web
    2. Visual LANSA Framework
    3. LANSA Available in the Amazon Cloud
    4. LANSA Mobile Available in App Store
    5. Themes
    6. WAM related enhancements
    7. Documentation
    8. Deployment Tool
    9. Other Enhancements
  • End of Support Notice (LANSA V12)
  • NEW: Visual LANSA Forum

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June 2015 1st Edition

  1. LongRange on Windows 8.1 Platform
  2. Uploading large Images with LongRange
  3. A bug fix for IBM I Access ODBC Driver
  4. Blank icon display text ‘None’ in VLF
  5. Operating System is Unsupported Platform
  6. Transformation Map prepare error Java 8
  7. MSI Installer: Cannot Uninstall Application
  8. Digitally signing LANSA Application DLLs
  9. Can Host Monitor Files be Omitted
  10. Understand DateTime fields
  11. Enable for LongNames moved
  12. Upgrading VL and SQL Server Instance
  13. Fidler for Internet Troubleshooting
  14. Did you know?

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