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August 2020 3rd Edition

  • Low-Code-Days LANSA
    • Low-Code Day Sessions
  • Portalize with Multilingual functionality
  • TPTH x_run parameter has been changed in LANSA V15
  • LANSA Composer Purge task via Windows Scheduler
  • Visual LANSA Forum

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June 2020 2nd Edition

  • Learn LANSA
  • Portalize
  • System Init fails when installing LANSA
  • Did you know?
    • Propagate Multilingual Text
    • Identity Column in Table
  • EPC150010 for LANSA V15
  • Install LANSA V15 on old Windows systems
  • Visual LANSA Connectors

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April 2020 1st Edition

  • LANSA V15
  • New in LANSA for Web
    • New Web and Mobile Templates
    • Sample Application Enhancements
    • Embedded Webpages
    • Charts as Primitive Controls
    • PDF Reports from Web Pages
  • New in Visual LANSA Framework
  • Visual LANSA IDE Enhancements
    • Import Excel Worksheets
    • Export a List to Excel
    • Add Quick Rules to Fields
    • Version Control Git Enhancements
  • RESTful Web Services
  • Other Enhancements
    • Error Log Manager for LANSA Windows Products
    • LANSA Package Manager
    • Command Line Build
    • Free Format RPG in LANSA Integrator
  • Additional MySQL Data Type Support

View the Newsletter (PDF 1.7MB)