Visual LANSA Framework (VLF) EPC140006

Document Date: February 2016

Product Visual LANSA Framework (VLF)
Build Number 140006
Pre-RequisiteDetails You must be using a LANSA V14 system with EPC140010 applied. Refer to EPC140010 for install instructions.
Partitions must be multilingual and RDMLX enabled.
All VLF web browser based applications support the latest versions of IE11, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.
The exception is RAMP-TS which only supports IE10 and IE11 (Note: this is only for RAMP-TS1, not the later RAMP-TS2)
If you are developing VLF-WEB or RAMP applications you also need IE.
See See Supported Platforms Document for version and browser support details.
For RAMP-TS applications aXes software must be at version 3.10 or later.
Any Newlook software used with RAMP applications must be at version or later.
If you upgrade Newlook software new license codes may be required.
Valid Upgrade Paths
Current VLF Version / Build Number Can upgrade directly to EPC140006? Additional Actions you need to take
EPC868 Yes Obtain copies of the EPC870.HTM, EPC130100.HTM and EPC132100.HTM upgrade notices. Add all Additional Actions they indicate to the Additional Actions for EPC140006 listed below.
EPC870 Yes Obtain copies of the EPC130100.HTM and EPC132100.HTM upgrade notices. Add all Additional Actions they indicate to the Additional Actions for EPC140006 listed below.
EPC130100 Yes Obtain a copy of the EPC132100.HTM upgrade notice. Add any Additional Actions it indicates to the Additional Actions for EPC140006 listed below.
EPC132100 Yes Perform the Additional Actions listed below.
If your VLF version is not listed contact your LANSA vendor for advice.
To find out your version start your framework as a designer. Use the Help -> About menu options. Scroll to find VL Framework Build Number.
Full Distribution This is a full distribution. It may be used to install a brand new VLF or to upgrade an existing one.
Additional Actions
  1. You must upgrade all partitions within a LANSA system.
  2. On IBM i servers, when the VLF-ONE demonstration system is required, you should use the Partition Initialize administration option to import the PERSYS (Personnel demonstration system) material - even if you have already imported PERSYS prior to applying EPC140006.
  3. All XML files (Framework Definitions) should be opened and resaved.
  4. If you are using RAMP-TS with a version of aXes prior to V3.1.1, you should apply Axes_ANY_Patch_VLFONE_155198 to enable RAMP in VLF-ONE.
  5. aXes users only: To avoid script errors in RAMP Tools, you should apply Axes_310002_Patch_RAMP_155326.
  6. If you have created VLF tools or extensions that read the internal VLF object model you may need to modify and/or recompile them.
  7. Custom VLF developer or designer entry points will no longer function.
    • Administrator and end user entry points will still function.
    • A custom designer entry point would have originated from copying UF_DESGN, a developer entry point from copying UF_DEVEL.
    • Upgraded entry points have an invalid method named ProcessHelpRequest that need to be replaced with:
      Mthroutine Name(ProcessHelpRequest) Options(*Redefine)
      Set Com(#Handled) Value(False)
      If_Ref Com(#Requestor) Is_Not(*null)
      If_Ref Com(#uFramework) Is_Not(*null)
      Invoke Method(#uSystem.uShowTopic)
      Set Com(#Handled) Value(True)

Specific Special Notes You must perform this upgrade using a user profile that is QSECOFR, part of the QSECOFR group, or has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

Major New Features in EPC140006

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Corrections and Other Features in EPC140006

CCSid. Description
153144 VLF-WIN Screen wrappers vHandleArrive event now receives the screen's variant name as a parameter
153156 VLF-WIN If Apply Extended Validation is true, verify IBM i signon and route message back to sign on dialog
153237 VLF-WIN Recover connection option are now visible shown when server type is IBM + RAMP-NL
153247 VLF-WIN/WEB Value of end user visible MTXT "Change IBM I Password" used in sign on panel when allowed would always show ENG even after modifying and recompiling UFU0003. This is now fixed
153248 VLF-WIN Icons and Bitmaps using the “None” icon /bitmap as a null value are now shown correctly.
153249 VLF-WIN Make the verify button visible for the “user object name/type” property, on the business object identification properties tab.
153435 VLF-WIN The caption override feature released with EPC132100 now needs to be progressively enabled. This avoids performance on large frameworks.
153435 VLF-WIN Allows the construction of right mouse pop up menus to be customized.
153642 VLF-WEB The first attempt to retrieve an NKEY (numeric key) of the current instance list entry may return 0 instead of the correct value. This is now fixed
153943 VLF-WIN The Sequence property field on the Commands Enabled tab was limited to a maximum value of 80. Now 9999.
154299 VLF-WIN The update of data on an instance list entry would not update Dcolumns 2 – 5. This is now fixed. (This problem did not apply to snap in instance lists)
154317 VLF-WEB The avHandlerCaption property of WAM command handlers was lost in epc132100. It has now been re-added.
154365 VLF-WIN After clicking on a drop down navigation menu item for an application containing no business objects, the caption shown as selected on the drop down navigation menu would be wrong. This is now fixed. It is however recommended that if you design an application with no business objects you should avoid using the drop down navigation menu.

Install Instructions

  1. If you haven't already applied this EPC to Visual LANSA, refer to the Windows instructions in EPC140010
  2. Then follow Windows Installation for the rest of the steps required.

If you are using server side components of the Visual LANSA Framework or are using RAMP you need to update any IBM i servers you are using.

  1. If you haven't already applied this EPC to LANSA on IBM i, refer to the IBM i instructions in EPC140010.
  2. Then follow iSeries Installation for the rest of the steps required.

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