Visual LANSA Framework (VLF) EPC141006

Document Date: July 2016

Product Visual LANSA Framework (VLF)
Build Number 141006
Pre-RequisiteDetails Partitions must be multilingual and RDMLX enabled.
VLF-WEB requires either Chrome (latest), Firefox (latest), MS IE10 or MS IE11 for developers and end users.
If you are using RAMP-TS then developers must have MS IE10 or MS IE11 installed.
For RAMP-TS applications aXes software must be at version 3.11 or later.
and aXes 3.11 patches Axes_ANY_Patch_VLFONE_155198 and Axes_311000_Patch_RAMP_155820 must be applied.
Any Newlook software used with RAMP applications must be at version or later.
If you upgrade Newlook software new license codes may be required.
Valid Upgrade Paths
Current VLF Version / Build Number Can upgrade directly to EPC141006? Additional Actions you need to take
EPC868 Yes Obtain copies of the EPC870.HTM, EPC130100.HTM and EPC132100.HTM upgrade notices. Add all Additional Actions they indicate to the Additional Actions for EPC141006 listed below.
EPC870 Yes Obtain copies of the EPC130100.HTM and EPC132100.HTM upgrade notices. Add all Additional Actions they indicate to the Additional Actions for EPC141006 listed below.
EPC130100 Yes Obtain a copy of the EPC132100.HTM upgrade notice. Add any Additional Actions it indicates to the Additional Actions for EPC141006 listed below.
EPC132100 Yes Perform the Additional Actions listed below.
EPC140006 Yes Perform the Additional Actions listed below.
If your VLF version is not listed contact your LANSA vendor for advice.
To find out your version start your framework as a designer. Use the Help -> About menu options. Scroll to find VL Framework Build Number.
Full Distribution This is a full distribution. It may be used to install a brand new VLF or to upgrade an existing one.
Additional Post Install/Upgrade Actions
  1. You must upgrade all partitions within a LANSA system.
  2. On IBM i servers, when the VLF-ONE demonstration system is required, you should use the Partition Initialize administration option to import the PERSYS (Personnel demonstration system) material - even if you have already imported PERSYS prior to applying EPC141006.
  3. All XML files (Framework Definitions) should be opened and resaved.
  4. Any VLF-ONE custom entry points derived from UF_OEXEC must be recompiled. If you have a #VLF_ONE.uTerminate method call you may need to add parameter Browserisclosing(True) to it.
  5. Any VLF-ONE server custom logon components must be recompiled.
  6. If you have created VLF tools or extensions that use private (ie: undocumentented) VLF-WIN or VLF-ONE properties, methods or events you may need to modify and/or recompile them.
  7. Custom VLF-WIN developer or designer entry points may no longer function.
    • Administrator and end user entry points will still function.
    • A custom designer entry point would have originated from copying UF_DESGN, a developer entry point from copying UF_DEVEL.
    • Upgraded entry points have an invalid method named ProcessHelpRequest that need to be replaced with:
      Mthroutine Name(ProcessHelpRequest) Options(*Redefine)
      Set Com(#Handled) Value(False)
      If_Ref Com(#Requestor) Is_Not(*null)
      If_Ref Com(#uFramework) Is_Not(*null)
      Invoke Method(#uSystem.uShowTopic)
      Set Com(#Handled) Value(True)

Specific Special Notes You must perform this upgrade using a user profile that is QSECOFR, part of the QSECOFR group, or has *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.

New Features

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CCSID Description
155087VLF-WEB Instance list data containing double quotes was not correctly escaped.
155664VLF-WEB LANSA for the Web weblets, including STD_Button, did not always signal events correctly.
N/AVLF-ONE When generating command handlers and filters for VLF-ONE using the program coding assistant, if the base file contained large numbers of fields the code assistant would not generate code with all the fields.
155694VLF-WEB Fixes 'Invalid call type request for this frame' error when using SWITCHTO on startup URL.
N/AVLF-WEB (Webevent only) A switch to an instance in another business object, from a webevent command handler would crash. This has now been fixed.
155786VLF-ONE Code assistant references to IO$STS were removed.
155857VLF-WIN If a floating command handler was open, and then a new window was opened, OR the current theme or visual style was changed, the floating command handler would go blank, and later crash. This is now fixed..
155866VLF-WIN applications using the password expiry check feature when connecting to iSeries would hang shortly after log on (on Windows 10 systems only).
155967VLF-WIN The original instance List Browser column indexes have been reinstated due to unexpected customer hard coded references to system objects.
156047VLF-WIN RAMP Newlook - The option that RAMP Newlook users have to select theme 2014CLEAN has been removed. RAMP Newlook systems should not use 2014CLEAN as the default theme.
156051VLF-WIN When the user right mouse clicked on an instance list to select columns to hide or display, there was an additional blank menu item. This is now removed.
156065VLF-WIN Missing entries for MTXTs UF_MONITOR1 UF_MONITOR2 were added to UFU0003.
156083VLF-ONE Business object properties - VLF-ONE Images - There is now a NONE image if you decide not to use the image previously selected.
156132VLF-ONE Startup in IE11 would sometimes hang when running off some servers if the cache had been cleared or Developer=YES.(See VL hotfix references)

New Installation or Upgrade Instructions

  1. If you have not already done so, upgrade LANSA to V14SP1 (EPC141000) level.
  2. Then followLANSA Developer PCs and Windows Servers Installation for the rest of the steps required.

If you are using server side components of the Visual LANSA Framework or are using RAMP you need to update any IBM i servers you are using.

  1. If you have not already done so, upgrade LANSA to V14SP1 (EPC141000) level.
  2. If you use RAMP
    - Do not upgrade until you are using aXes 3.11 (or later). See Checking which version of aXes is installed
    - Apply or reapply aXes_ANY_Patch_VLFONE_155198.
    - Apply or reapply aXes 3.11 patch Axes_311000_Patch_RAMP_155820.
  3. Then follow Installation On IBM i Serversfor the rest of the steps required.

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