EPC - 141011

Date : January 2017

EPC141011 for LANSA V14 SP1

  • Various Web fixes.
  • All patches available for V14 SP1 at the time of distribution.
Product Visual LANSA and LANSA for i
LANSA for the Web
Version 14
Pre-Requisite Details V14 SP1 EPC141010
Special Notes User Action: After applying the EPC, if you recompile any web component (web page, reusable part, widget), to avail of the VL Web runtime performance changes and improvements for example, you will also need to recompile all components that generate javascript. LANSA recommends recompiling all your web application objects after applying this EPC to avoid any compatibility issues.

All Version 14 Visual LANSA EPCs include updates that must be applied to Windows and IBM i systems (Independent Visual LANSA development environments only require the Windows updates). Failure to upgrade both sides of a development environment will render the Host Monitor and Super Server applications inoperable. Attempting to use the Host Monitor and Super Server applications without having applied the EPC to both sides of a development environment will generate an EPC mismatch error.

Make a full backup of your LANSA environment on each platform to which this EPC will be applied.
IBM i Specific Special Notes The IBM i instructions are expedited procedures that assume a sound knowledge of IBM i.
You should use a user profile that is QSECOFR or part of the QSECOFR group.

You must end the web server and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program before applying this EPC.

You must end the Listener and Host Monitor if active.

You must end the LANSA Integrator server if it has been used with the LANSA system to be updated.
User Actions A partition initialization of ‘Mandatory Partition Initialization' and 'Demonstration Material' is required to import updated data into the shipped sample and example files.
Deployment Notes This EPC cannot be deployed as a patch to a previous version. A new version of the package must be built. This rule is enforced and and a build check error will occur if ignored.
Hotfixes The following Hotfixes will be replaced by this EPC:
IBM i:

Instructions to install the EPC

EPC141011 includes software to be installed on an IBM i machine and on a Windows machine. These instructions describe the installation and use of all delivered items.


  1. Download EPC141011.EXE file from the Web site or email.
  2. Unzip (double click) EPC141011.EXE. These files will be extracted:
    • AllEPCs.exe - Windows multiple EPC installer
    • AllEPCs.ini - AllEPCs controll file
    • EPC141011 - IBM i Save file
    • EPC141011w.exe - Windows Visual LANSA install executable

Instructions provided for:

Detailed changes

CCS id. Description
0156069 PRIM_LIST Enhancements

1. Improved virtualization allowing 1000's of items to be added quickly
2. Drag Columns support
3. Pinned Columns Support
4. Column Images
5. Column Popups
6. Column\Row and Cell Styling
0156183 How to show '0.12' instead of '.12' for numeric fields

The 'Show Leading Zero' system setting that governs this behaviour on Windows has now been implemented for Web Pages as well.
Changed event fired three times on field with dropdownlist field visualization.

This defect has now been rectified
0156941 Prompter in list issue when opening pop up with shroud

If a list containing a column has Show prompter = true and you use the prompter to show a pop up with a shroud, beneath the cell the prompter was selected from will not be covered by the shroud.

This defect has now been rectified
0156965 Add word wrap to Edit Field and String list column

This enhancement has been included in this EPC
offline mobile demo crashes in runtime on Chrome V53+

This defect has now been rectified
0156978 Listitem MarginBottom/Top not working

This defect has now been rectified
0157024 Select_SQL with very large query crashes LANSA (>10,000 characters)

This defect has now been rectified
0157025 Trailing blanks in Strings are being trimmed when sent to the server in a list

This defect has now been rectified
0157046 DEFINE statements removed when enabling a function for RDMLX

This defect has now been rectified
0157058 Read Only web List is input capable on iOS devices

This defect has now been rectified
0157060 Calendar changed event is fired twice when clicking day in calender

This defect has now been rectified
0157062 Webevent *PROCESS not working with RDMLX

This defect has now been rectified
0157067 Style applied to a Button column should be applied to the button, not the column

This defect has now been rectified
0157082 Runtime crash when signed field has default value of *SQLNULL

This defect has now been rectified
0157094 Cannot set a Prim_list to *NULL (to set all fields in the list to null)

This defect has now been rectified
Prim_tile design is not responsive to browser size changes

This defect has now been rectified
Edit Words not working in Visual Lansa Web Pages

Edit Word support was missing on Visual Lansa Web Pages. It has now been implemented and works in exactly the same way as it does in Visual Lansa Forms.
0157105 PRIM_LIST Dynamically created columns do not sort

This defect has now been rectified
0157107 Prim_List.ItemClick not working on a scrolled list

This defect has now been rectified
PRIM_LIST.string click events not firing when column is not readonly

This defect has now been rectified
0157110 Current item modified not working after applying EPC141010

This defect has now been rectified
0157118 Null reference error when setting component to null during a list click event

This defect has now been rectified
0157123 Picklist visualization is not fully reset when field is set to blanks or null

This defect has now been rectified
0157145 Horizontally scrolling a list can trigger the list clicked event

This defect has now been rectified
0157162 Result of division is rounded instead of truncated when assigned to a field

This defect has now been rectified
PRIM_WEB.Json doesn't properly deal with a NULL value

This defect has now been rectified
0157167 MSI Web package ignores provided partition and installs to WEB partition

WebPage import is now ignored by the MSI build and install.
0157169 Reusable part acting as a list cell ignores text colour

This defect has now been rectified
0157172 Performance problems when using a list that is set to Fit to Content

This defect has now been rectified
Floating Panels move by clicking on an input field or readonly area

This defect has now been rectified
0157178 Issue with styles being cleared on list cells until you mouseover them.

This defect has now been rectified
0157196 Performance issue using a list of tiles that are Size to Content

This defect has now been rectified
0157212 List receives tab focus even if tabstop is set to false

This defect has now been rectified
0157223 Updating the checkbox column button state in a list row stops UPD_ENTRY working

If you update a cell in a PRIM_LIST using the CurrentItem of the column component, any subsequent UPD_ENTRY command will not update other cells in that row.

This defect has now been rectified
0157243 Data value is cropped when using ThemeDrawStyle on iOS

This defect has now been rectified
0157256 Deployment tool package build fails on Candle.exe after installing EPC141010

This defect has now been rectified
0157274 Patch cannot be built against a Version with lower DT Release Number

A Patch cannot be built againt a Version built with an earlier build number or Deployment Tool release Number. This ensures the runtime is compatible.
This rule is now enforced.
0157326 At EPC141010 level, Widget does not recognize mouse button has been released

This defect has now been rectified
0157333 Ensure functions and proesses are highlighted in selection panel in DT.

The functions and processes selected are highltighted for easy deletion or cross reference processing. Previously the higlighting was not obvious.

Affected objects

Object Name Object Type
lxxbdf.asc \lansa\imports\std_data\X_PKGWRK
xemployee.dat \lansa\imports\std_data\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\data
xemployeen*.* \lansa\imports\std_data\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\data
xsusracc.dat \lansa\imports\std_data\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\data
lxx*.asc \lansa\imports\std_data\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\Internal
xemployee.ctd \lansa\imports\std_data\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\source
lxxbdf.asc \lansa\imports\std_file\X_PKGWRK
lxx*.asc \lansa\imports\std_file\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\Internal
lxx*.del \lansa\imports\std_file\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\Internal
lxxfdb.asf \lansa\imports\std_file\X_PKGWRK\1.0.0\Build\Internal
Object Name Object Type Library
W3XSVPGM*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGV*SRVPGMLANSA communication library and Web Server
W3XSVPGX*SRVPGMLANSA communication library
WEBINIT*SAVFLANSA program library
X_BASE*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_COMP*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBG*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_DBM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_PRIM*SRVPGMLANSA program library
X_VAR*SRVPGMLANSA program library
[email protected]*PGMLANSA program library

Install Instructions

Special note for IBM i Power 5 hardware: Due to hardware conversion, you may experience a delay when importing from the VLF save files or on the first connection to the LANSA Listener. This conversion will occur only once.

  1. Sign on with a user profile that is QSECOFR or part of the QSECOFR group.
  2. Backup all the LANSA folders, system libraries and ALL the LANSA IFS objects (LANSA_pgmlib/x_lansa) before applying this EPC
  3. You need exclusive use of the LANSA system before applying the EPC. You must end the Listener, Host Monitor and Web Server for the LANSA system and run the LANSA for the Web cleanup program.
  4. To check for active users refer to How to check for Active Users.
  5. Move the unzipped file EPC141011 to an IFS folder on the IBM i ( e.g. /LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc141011 )
  6. For this EPC use the following options:
    1. Install the EPC from = *IFS
    2. Apply this EPC to = FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
  7. Run the following command before the LOADEPC command to avoid having to add the LANSA program library to the jobs library list.
    CHGCMD CMD(pgmlib/LOADEPC) PGM(pgmlib/[email protected])
  8. Run the command LOADEPC with the following parameters:

    /LOADEPC and press command 4 (F4) to prompt the command (can be run in batch)

    EPC number . . . . . . . . . . . > 141011
    Install the EPC from . . . . . . >*IFS
    IFS Path and object name . . . .e.g./LANSA_pgmlib/tmp/epc141011

    Apply this EPC to . . . . . . . FULL_LANSA_SYSTEM
    LANSA program library . . . . . pgmlib
  9. Use DSPJOBLOG OUTPUT(*PRINT) to save a job log record of what the LOADEPC command did.
  10. Sign off and then on again before commencing the next installation, e.g.:
    • to apply this EPC on another LANSA system
    • to apply another EPC on the same LANSA system
  1. It is recommended that a backup be done of all LANSA folders and your LANSA database before applying this EPC.
  2. Stop using the LANSA development environment and stop all currently executing LANSA applications.
  3. Right click on AllEPCs.exe and 'Run as Administrator'.
  4. Select the "Setup" button or "Cancel" if you do not want to proceed.
  5. If you have multiple configurations installed, Select the configuration to which the EPC is to be applied.
  6. If you are prompted to reboot your pc - please reboot.
  7. To view details of the installed EPCs:
    1. sign into LANSA
    2. view the Help menu
    3. Product Information option
    4. then select the Installation Details tab
    5. expand the Installation/ EPC Summary
    6. review the last entries

© 2016 LANSA

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Customers in the Americas
This EPC must be downloaded from the Americas Region Support Portal

Customers in the Rest of the World
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