Functions will not compile after install of LANSA/AD

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA/AD
Abstract: After a successful install of LANSA/AD functions fail to compile with a CPD0162 error in the joblog
Submitted By: N/A

A few customers have installed new fresh versions of LANSA/AD and even though the install completes successfully when they attempt to compile a function the compilation fails. In these instances, no functions at all will compile. The messages in the joblog would be similar to the following:

Message ID . . . . . : CPD0162
Message file . . . . : QCPFMSG
Library  . . . . . . : QSYS

Message  . . . . . . : Parameters do not match those in program QDMOVERD in QSYS.
Cause  . . . . . . . : The number of parameters in the command definition do not match
                       the number of parameters in the command processing or the
                       validity checker program QDMOVERD in library QSYS
Recovery . . . . . . : If the command was not supplied by IBM®, determine if the
                       correct command processing program or validity check program
                       called. If the program that was called is not correct, change
                       the program name or the library name specified on the Create
                       Command (CRTCMD) command. If the correct program was called,
                       change the number and type of parameters in the command
                       definition source to match the number and type of parameters
                       specified in the command processing program. If the command was
                       supplied by IBM®, report the problem (ANZPRB command).

Message  . . . . . . : Error found on OVRDBF command.
Cause  . . . . . . . : The system detected errors in the command.
Recovery . . . . . . : See the previously listed messages in the job log. Correct the
                       errors and then try the command again. *N instead of a command
                       name means that the name had not been determined before the
                       error was found.

These messages are being generated because the operating system is searching for but cannot find a library called QSYS38, which is a System/38 compatibility library. Perform a search for this library.

Do you have a QSYS38 library?

  • The existence of this library would indicate that a System/38 environment is installed on this machine.

Do you actually use it any more?

  • if YES: then it is out of date. The last OS/400 version upgrade did not upgrade the library to the correct level. Either upgrade or delete or rename it.
  • if NO: then delete or rename it.