LANSA for the AS/400 compiler errors in the generated DDS

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the AS/400
Abstract: Various LANSA for the AS/400 compile errors found in the generated DDS listing
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

Below is a list of the various LANSA compile errors that have been identified from the generated DDS listing for DISPLAY, REQUEST, POP_UP commands.

  1. The LANSA compile fails with DDS errors CPD7418, CPD7434, CPD7410, CPD7596 indicating there are missing field names. This problem only happens after upgrading from CISC to RISC.
  2. The fix for this is to simply run a LANSA REORG with ‘change workspace' = YES.
  3. The LANSA compile fails with DDS error CPD7836 : Subfile control record not found.
  4. This is a problem when a browselist has not been positioned correctly on a display. Use the LANSA screen painter to validate the position of a browselist. If the position is invalid for a DEF_LIST, it will not display the list in the screen painter, indicating that it has not been setup correctly i.e. when *pos=001, or when overlaying a field.
  5. The LANSA compile fails when setting on the option to generate RPG and DDS source listings. The source listing suggests that RPG and DDS sources have been mixed in together.

Look at the partition's definition in the housekeeping menu option of Create or change system partition definitions. There, it is possible to set the options to Keep translated RPG and to Keep translated DDS.

If specifying YES to request that both translated DDS and translated RPG be kept, then the same source file should not be specified for the storage of both DDS and RPG.

No two partitions should share the same source files for the storage of translated RPG or DDS.

There are some other important points to follow these options have bee set 'on'. Please refer to the LANSA User Guide/Housekeeping section/"Keep Translated RPG, Keep Translated DDS" for more details.