Host Monitor problems if PC name contains dash (-)

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for Windows
Abstract: Host Monitor will not work if your computer name contains a dash (-)
Submitted By: N/A

It has been brought to our attention that you will have problems connecting to the AS/400 via the HOST MONITOR if your workstation name has a dash (-) in it eg. PC-WRK01, USER-WK1 etc.

If, for example, your workstation name is USER-WK1 and you perform a *PLUGIN to get the AS/400 definitions to your LANSA for Windows on this workstation , the *PLUGIN will complete successfully. However, if you now try to start the Host Monitor you will generate the following error:

LII0028S: Failed to start the Host Monitor at the Host. Aborting the LANSA/PC Host Monitor.

On the AS/400 you can check the joblog (which will usually be in the QEZJOBLOG out queue). You will see that the joblog for this connection will contain many CPD0078 escape messages referring to objects which would look similar to IUSER-001, OUSER-001. An example of the escape messages in the joblog might be:

CPF0001 Escape Message . . . . : Error found on CRTDTA command
CPD0078 Diagnostic Message . . . . : Value 'IUSER-001'
for parameter DTAQ not a valid name

A workaround to this problem is to reinstall LANSA for Windows over the top of the existing one and, instead of selecting the Workstation name for this computer (the installation default), specifying a different name eg. USERWRK1. You can specify any name since this is only the name by which LANSA for Windows is known to the host AS/400. This new node name will then be used during *PLUGINs and *REFRESHes and more importantly you will be able to start the Host Monitor without problems and perform your Check-in/Check-out tasks.

Please note that, generally, unless you have a workstation with a dash (-) you should always take the default during installation. As the Getting Started Guide states "Select the option "Use computer name" unless directed otherwise by your network supervisor."

Please also note that when performing a *REFRESH you can choose to just *REFRESH individual Repository Definitions. For example, if you create a new user on the AS/400 you can choose to just *REFRESH the PC Users by selecting No for all the other options and Yes to PC Users. Similarly, if you define a new PC Name on the AS/400 you can elect to just *REFRESH only these and not all the other options. This makes the *REFRESH considerably quicker. Please refer to Chapter 9 "Updating System Definitions" of the LANSA for Windows "Getting Started Guide" for more information.