System is not setup correctly for LANSA for Web

Date: 02 June, 2005
Product/Release: LANSA for Web
Abstract: System is not setup correctly for LANSA for Web
Submitted By: Victor Boxall
Last Review: December 2010

After installing and configuring LANSA for Web and all other associated components the user still cannot connect to the LANSA for the Web from a browser. The error message suggests that the system is not setup correctly for LANSA for Web, but the setup instructions have been carefully followed.

A possible cause may be found in LANSA for Web Administrator where a LANSA system has been added. This page of the dialog box allows the configuration of a system name and port identifier for a LANSA System. The system name is specified in the System Name field. This value should be *DEFAULT if multi-homing support is not being used.

Multi-homing support can be setup to use both I/NET and IBM® ICS Web Serving Products. If not using multi-homing Support, use *DEFAULT as the System Name when setting up the system.

If using a a valid IP Address or DNS Name as the System Name instead of *DEFAULT for non multi-homing support, make sure that a matching entry in the AS/400 TCP/IP Host table exists. Check by running the OS/400 command GO TCPADM, take option 1 = Configure TCP/IP, then option 10 = Work with TCP/IP host table entries.

Other things to check for if the problem is not the system name:

  1. After any upgrade, the fields and files from the LWEBSF have been re imported. Remember that these objects have to be imported for each Partition. If these objects were imported, please check that this operation ended successfully (i.e. the LANSA Import RUN and AS/400 job log).
  2. The Partition has been Enabled for the Web (i.e. LANSA for Web Administrator, Tools, Enable Partition).
  3. The Partition has been properly configured (e.g. the language specified in the browser exists).
  4. The User profile (e.g. Default Web user) is pointing to the right LANSA Program Library (i.e. for the System being accessed)
  5. There is no other DC@W12 file in another library higher in the library list (for the User Id, e.g. the default Web User). This file should exist in the QGPL library. If after checking the above points, there are additional problems (i.e. there are problems but the "System is not Set up properly" message does not appear anymore), please:
  6. Ensure that the Process is Web enabled and has been recompiled after the upgrade.
  7. Ensure that the Web Monitor jobs has been started for the specified port.