Reporting Deployment Tool issues

Date: 1 October, 2004
Product/Release: LANSA for Windows Deployment Tool
Abstract: A checklist for efficiently reporting issues to do with the Deployment Tool
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: December 2010

Use the checklist below whenever you have to report a problem using the Deployment Tool.

  1. A file called x_iparam.dat. For both the Source and Target Systems (assuming SETUP.EXE has run to the end. ie. the user was prompted to Click the Finish button). x_iparam.dat should be found in
    x_win95\x_lansa\x_pkgs\<application name>\<package name>\
  2. Screen captures of any errors that occurred at any point in time during either package creation or installation.
  3. A file called x_err.log. This will only be found if a LANSA application error occurred during package creation.
  4. A file called export.log create in the windows\temp directory on the source machine.
  5. A file called dpcreate.log located on the source pc in
    x_win95\x_lansa\x_pkgs\<application name>\<package name>\
  6. Screen captures of the ODBC driver configuration.