LANSA Integrator Resolved Issues

Date Version Issue  
Jul 11, 2016 All Windows Operating System Upgrade breaks JSM license.
JSM server is not licenced for service" error after upgrading Windows Operating System  
Sep 30, 2015 All Unable to start JSM on Windows Machine - Invalid Access Code Error in Event Viewer
Invalid Access Code Error: Unable to start JSM on a Windows Machine
Jun 23, 2014 V13 Missing files causes issue when creating services in LANSA Integrator Studio
Unable to create services for JSMDirect and JSMProxy in LANSA Integrator Studio in new V13 SP2 install
Oct 09, 2013 V12 "No compiled classes" error when compiling projects in Integrator Studio V12 SP1 using Java 1.7
Compiling with Integrator Studio wizard using Java 1.7 in V12 SP1 EPC869 causes errors
Nov 28, 2011 V12 Incorrect version of help opened in Integrator Studio
When you open the LANSA Integrator guide from Integrator Studio using F1, the guide opened is not at the correct EPC level
Jun 30, 2011 All Embedding certain images in PDFDocumentService gives error: stack trace: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: sun/awt/color/CMM
JSM fails when images of certain type - for instance high resolution - are used in PDFDocumentService
May 18, 2009 All Error 'Cannot create classpath' when starting JSM
Starting of JSM fails due to 'Cannot create classpath' error
Apr 26, 2009 All Issue with PDFDocumentService importing a TIFF image
When using the PDFDocumentService to import a TIFF image, you may generate an error
Mar 20, 2009 V11 Mixed case Commands cause issues in RDMLX (JSMX) BIF's
When the command SERVICE_LOAD is mixed case, ie Service_Load, the code logic does not detect the command, so the HTTP information is not made available to JSMDirect services
Apr 28, 2009 All Can I enable support for Cp037 on Windows JSM
How to enable support for Cp037 to avoid UnsupportedEncodingException errors
Apr 28, 2009 All Installation of 3rd party software affects LANSA Integrator licence on System i
Installing or upgrading 3rd party software on System i can cause the LANSA Integrator licence to stop working
May 23, 2008 All MQBIF's cannot be used with the RDMLX specific JSM(X) BIFS
Currently, in order to use MQBIF's with RDMLX, it is required that you utilise the JSM BIFS not the JSMX BIFS
May 23, 2008 All Stack trace: javax.mail.MessagingException: 501 Command "HELO" requires an argument
Stack trace: javax.mail.MessagingException: 501 Command "HELO" requires an argument
Jan 23, 2008 All stack trace: java.lang.NumberFormatException: DataTypePacked: packed sign half byte is not hex 0x0D or 0x0F
Error: stack trace: java.lang.NumberFormatException: DataTypePacked: packed sign half byte is not hex 0x0D or 0x0F
Jan 23, 2008 All Error: ZSRV_MSG0107: Premature end of script headers: File name is JSMDIRECT.PGM in Webserver joblog
Cannot read script output pipe
Sep 17, 2007 All Version conflicts between JAVA-shipped and LANSA-shipped XALAN files
There is a potential conflict between the JDK-shipped XALAN related files and LANSA-shipped XALAN files (JSMXALAN.JAR)
Jul 26, 2007 All When putting XML in a LANSA field, XML syntax is lost when outputting XML
The XSL parser is converting the data from < and > to &lt and &gt
Jul 11, 2007 All Getting 'Out of Memory' error when using Integrator Studio
Getting 'Out of Memory' error when using Integrator Studio
Jul 03, 2007 All Writing to the IFS generates a 'Resource busy' error
"stack trace: Resource busy" error received when writing to the IFS
Archived All Connection failure when upgrading to SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver (SQLJDBC.jar)
Upgrading to SQL Server 2005 JDBC driver (SQLJDBC.jar) causes connection failure for exising SQLService
May 17, 2007 V11 Failure when executing JSMDirect Service entry flagged as RDMLX
EPC805 for LANSA Integrator on iSeries introduces a means of flagging a JSMDirect service entry as using RDMLX
Jan 03, 2007 All PDFSpoolFileService Error: stack trace: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/as400/access/AS400
Cannot execute PDFSpoolFileService
Jan 03, 2007 All Error starting JSM : JSM instance has failed check process
JSM fails to start: JSM Instance has failed check process
Oct 06, 2006 All Does LANSA Integrator support COUNT , AVG , MAX and etc. on SELECT statement?
Unable to use the COUNT keyword with SELECT
Oct 06, 2006 All JSMDIRECT Transaction did not complete
Troubleshooting the "JSMDIRECT Transaction did not complete" error
Oct 06, 2006 All MQSeries: Message and Correlation ID does not contain valid EBCDIC characters
Can we send the Message ID and Correlation ID across JSM
Sep 18, 2006 All Loading Java classes in JVM properly to avoid ClassDefNotFound Exceptions
Important notes for using JAR files
Sep 18, 2006 All Internationalizing commonly used characters e.g. @, &, $
Compiling string literals do not have the same HEX code across all EBCDIC CCSID's
Jul 10, 2006 V11 Checking in and compiling RDMLX function that run via JSMDirect may require Web server restart
Checking in RDMLX function results in Process not getting found in the reused job
Jan 06, 2006 All Special characters not appearing when using the PDFSpoolFileService to convert spool files into a PDF document
When using the PDFSpoolFileService to read and convert a spool file from the iSeries, certain characters are not getting translated properly
Archived V10 Error in JSM_OPEN in V10.0 due to changed location of jsmcltdta.txt
jsmcltdta.txt file is stored in different locations between V10.0 and V11.0 which can cause errors on JSM_OPEN
Apr 29, 2004 All LANSA Integrator SMTP Service cannot send email attachment from QDLS
Error: 'Attachment file does not exist' sending mail with attachment from iSeries QDLS
May 12, 2003 V10 Visual XML Wizard hangs when running in Windows XP
Visual XML Wizard hangs when running under Windows XP with Java 1.4.1 and DirectDraw and ATI graphic cards
Oct 13, 2009 All Reporting problems loading WSDL source into the LANSA SOAP Agent Wizard
Required information when reporting errors loading WSDL source into the LANSA Integrator SOAP Agent Wizard
Jan 28, 2009 All SOAP Server takes a long time to respond which can cause timeout problems
SOAP Server can take a long time to respond because it needs to reload classes. This can cause connection timeout problems
Jul 26, 2007 All Getting 'Premature end of file' error when running SOAP in RDMLX
faultString: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file
Jul 24, 2006 All Getting stack trace: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException when consuming a SOAP service
Executing a SOAP agent gives 'stack trace: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException' error in Service.txt
Archived V10 DEF_ARRAY corrupts returned field values from JSM services
When an RDML function contains a DEF_ARRAY command, then field values returned from a JSM service do not correctly update the function fields
Archived All Integrator will not start on the iSeries
LANSA Integrator will not start on the iSeries because it cannot establish a socket connection
Archived V10 Generating error message Instance path is not an instance when starting JSM on Windows
Possible reasons for generating the error message Instance path is not an instance when starting JSM on Windows