Pop-Up Menu AutoAction Items Cut/Copy/Paste must be manually translated

Date: 8 May 2005
Product/Release: Visual LANSA
Abstract: When a pop-up menu is created in Visual LANSA the AutoActions Copy/Cut/Paste property defaults to English text. This can be changed by manually editing the LpVo.bnd file.
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: December 2010

One of the properties of a pop-up menu created in Visual LANSA is AutoActions. AutoActions allows standard Windows options like Cut/Copy/Paste/Help to appear as a pop-up menu when the user right clicks on a field. However the text associated with this menu defaults to English. Given that LANSA is used in many countries where English is not the main language it is often necessary to create this menu in a specific language.

Please note that a pop-up menu with these AutoAction Copy/Cut/Paste options can only be added to field definitions.

The file which contains the menu text is LpVo.bnd, which can be found in the <drive>:\X_WIN95\X_LANSA\EXECUTE directory. This bnd file, otherwise known as a bundle file contains bundle tags which have names like MenuAction.XXXXX. These tags will probably still be in English.

To create a version of Copy/Cut/Paste commands for a particular language:

  1. Create a copy of the LpVo.bnd called LpVoLLL.bnd where the LLL represents the three character language code being used in your system (ie for a Dutch system the file would be called LpVoDUT.bnd)
  2. Open this file in a text editor and find the items with a bundle tag of MenuAction XXXX
  3. Translate the values and save the file.
  4. Delete all *.BNB files in the directory (these files will automatically be recreated when LANSA loads again)
  5. Restart LANSA or run your application using the language you created the file for

Now that there is a language version of the file, LANSA will use the new file. However if for some reason LANSA cannot find the new version of the file it will default back to the English version