Caution when using a partition called WEB - Error %s may be displayed on the browser

Date: 15 December 2001
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web
Abstract: Caution should be exercised when using a partition called WEB. This is because the WEB partition itself should never be enabled
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review December 2010


When using LANSA for the Web, caution should be used if a partition called WEB is to be used for any development as a WEB partition should NEVER be Web-enabled.

This is because a partition called WEB is created by default during the LANSA for the Web install. This WEB partition is then used to enable other partitions to use LANSA for the Web.

The LANSA default HTML scripts are contained within the LANSA internal files and are kept under the WEB partition.

Thus, when a partition is Web-Enabled, it is these WEB partition HTML pages which are used to copy across the default HTML pages to the new partition.

These are the main LANSA HTML pages:

DEBUG_SCRIPT          Script function for debug 
DEFAULT_CONTENT       Default Process Content 
DEFAULT_HIDDEN        Default hidden fields 
DEFAULT_HOMEPAGE      Default Home Page for LANSA for the Web 
DEFAULT_INDEX         Default Process Menu page 
DEFAULT_LAYOUT        Default Layout 
DEFAULT_SCRIPT        Default Script Page
DEFAULT_TRACE         Default Trace LAYOUT1 eBusiness
STDFOOTER             Standard Footer 
STDHEADER             Standard Header
STDHEADER_STYLE1      Standard Header 
STDHEADER_STYLE2      Standard Header 
STDHEADER_STYLE3      Standard Header 
STDMORE               Display next page for page at a time 
STDNEXT               Display next page 
STDPREV               Display previous page for page at a time
STDPRINT              Standard PRINT 
STDPROCFOOTER         Standard Process Footer 
STDREPORT             STD REPORT Details 
STDREPORTLIST         Standard Spool File List 
STDSEARCH             Perform new search 
STDSELECT             Selection of row number  

When the WEB partition is enabled, the current Set of 0, is then saved as Set 1, which may then result in Web applications which do not have user-defined default pages not working and showing a blank browser page with '%s' displayed.


If this does occur, then the WEB partition has been enabled and so each of these HTML pages has to be opened within the HTML Editor as Set 1 and then saved as the current (Set 0) Set.