Function(*Direct) and object name with underscore (_) is not valid

Date: 9 August 2005
Product/Release: Visual LANSA & LANSA for iSeries
Abstract: Function names with an underscore will fail a function check if FUNCTION(*DIRECT) used
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support
Last Review: December 2010


Creating a new function with an underscore in the name will issue a Fatal Error message when running a Function Check on the iSeries or Windows.

The following error message is displayed by the Function Check for function ISSUS_

"Function name ISSUS_ contains an underscore ('_') character"


On iSeries when Function(*Direct) is used the RPG program name created is always "@" + RDML name. RPG program objects cannot have "_" in their name.

So FUNCTION(*DIRECT) and an function name with an "_" is not a valid combination.

This limitation is not clear in the current documentation. The documentation will be enhanced to make this point clearer from V10.0. There is also a software enhancement logged to remove this limitation in a future version of LANSA.