Newly added fields to a file are not created in ASA

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA
Abstract: Newly added fields are not created in Sybase ASA - only when certain compile options chosen
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support



  • You have a LANSA created file that has 5 fields and data in it.
  • From within LANSA you add a new field then when compiling the file you choose the following settings

    File Compile Options

    Notice that the option "keep saved" data has been selected. In addition, you are also asking to rebuild the tables, index/views etc.
  • This compile will seem to complete correctly. However, when you view the actual data in Sybase you will see that the new added field does not appear. However, the data still exists in the file.
  • We now have the scenario where Sybase ASA has data and the original 5 fields. But looking at the file from within LANSA shows a file with 6 fields and shows that the file has been compiled and is ready to use (Green tick next to file).
  • Of course this incompatibility will cause all sorts of problems.
  • If you now attempt to recompile the file using the following options.

    File Compile Options
  • you will receive an error

    Compile error message

    Fatal error
  • then after clicking "OK" to this the compile will complete.
  • The result is that you will now have the new field in the file. However all of your data in the file is lost


  • In order to get the new field into Sybase and to save your data perform the following
  • From within LANSA delete the new field from the file
  • Then compile the file with the following options.This will re-create the IO module only

    Compile the file with these options
  • Now from within LANSA add the field to the file and compile the file with the following options

    Now from within LANSA add the field to the file and compile the file with these options
  • If you now go into Sybase you will see that your new field has been added to the file and that you data is preserved.

This issue has been logged for correction in a future version of Visual LANSA.