LCE0034 error logging into the HTML Editor when translation file Lcoechar.dat exists

Date: Archived
Product/Release: LANSA for the Web V10.0
Abstract: Cannot log on to the HTML Editor when Translation Files exists
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


You may experience the following error when logging on to the HTML Editor or Web Administrator:

No data dictionary fields found with full or partial name W14PÑ1.

This issue is caused by performing an English LANSA on Windows installation but also electing to install the translation tables as part of the installation (from a custom installation of LANSA Open or LANSA for the Web). Electing to install the translation tables and accepting the defaults, will install the French translation tables. For non-French users, this is will generate the error above as necessary internal fields will not be recognised due to translation of special characters.

In general, users can elect to install the Translation Tables if they are using non-English Languages. However, they must use the translation tables that are pertinent for their language.

If the translation table option is selected during the install, LANSA will create two tables: LCOEMSG.DAT and LCOECHAR.DAT. These two files should be consistent with the non-english language being used.


Rename/remove the LCOECHAR.DAT file from the root:\LANSA\OPEN directory if you are logging on to a LANSA system via the HTML Editor or Web Administrator using language English and you generate this error.