Printing in Visual LANSA without mapping to LPT1

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V10.0
Abstract: Previous problem of not being able to print reports without mapping to port LPT1 is resolved in 10.0
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support

In previous versions of Visual LANSA you may experience problems with printing reports without being connected to printer port LPT1. For example, having mapped LPT1 to a printer, the printout looks fine. However, using the WPEN=Y parameter with LPT1 not mapped any printer, the printing may fail or not print correctly.

This issue has been resolved in Visual LANSA V10.0 so that you do not have to map a printer to LPT1 in order to use:


Some other points to consider:

  • To check whether LPT1 is connected to the pc use this command at a DOS prompt: NET USE
    A list of ports that are connected or disconnected to the PC will be display. If LPT1 is not registered to the PC it is not listed.
  • WPEN=Y (ie. Windows Printing Enabled) is an x_run parameter that should be used in the Visual LANSA profile file (named X_LANSA.PRO) or on the x_run command line to display printing options.
    For the profile file X_LANSA.PRO it can be located in either:
    <drive>:\x_win95\x_lansa directory for all partitions
    <drive>:\x_win95\x_lansa\x_ppp directory (where "ppp" is the partition that you are using).
  • WPEN enables users to select extended printing options. Without using this parameter you cannot print reports if the default printer port LPT1 is not connected to the pc.

Refer to the section 3.4 Windows Printing Extensions in Deploying Client and Server Applications in the online document for more information for Window printing extensions.