Custom install of Deployment Tool images reverts Visual LANSA to pre-EPC state

Date: Archived
Product/Release: Visual LANSA V10.0
Abstract: Custom install of the Deployment Images from the 10.0 CD reverts Visual LANSA core files to 10.0 GA (pre-EPCs) level
Submitted By: LANSA Technical Support


If you have not installed (or upgraded) the LANSA deployment images as part of the Visual LANSA 10.0 install (or upgrade), you can later perform a custom install of these images.

Selecting the custom install of the LANSA deployment images also auto-selects the Visual LANSA core files for installation. This cannot be be unchecked. As the custom install of the LANSA deployment images also re-installs the Visual LANSA core files, this brings your system back to a 10.0 GA version (as shipped on the 10.0 GA CD). This has the effect of backing out any EPCs you may have applied to this Visual LANSA version.

The reason this must occur is because the runtime deployment images must be at the same level as the core files. For example:

  1. You install/upgrade Visual LANSA to 10.0 without (either purposely or accidentally) installing/upgrading the LANSA deployment images
  2. You apply all the latest EPCs to your 10.0 Visual LANSA eg. 667, 682, 704
  3. You build your application for deployment (your application will be built with all the fixes and features shipped in these EPCs)
  4. You custom install the LANSA deployment images from the 10.0 GA CD
  5. If we didn't auto-select the core files for installation, your application would have been build on level EPC704 but it will (when deployed) be executing on 10.0 GA runtime level, which could cause it to fail or not work as expected ie. at execution time, you may again experience problems that had been fixed via EPC.

So, it is necessary to re-install the core files to keep Visual LANSA in synch and to maintain integrity.

However, this re-install of the 10.0 GA Visual LANSA core files requires the 10.0 EPCs to be re-applied after a custom install of the DT images. When you then apply an EPC, the runtime files are also installed so that the core files and the DT images are always in synch.

In the next version of Visual LANSA, the installation of the LANSA deployment images will be catered for in a clearer manner.


LANSA recommends that you always install the deployment images during the 10.0 install or upgrade to avoid having to re-install EPCs after a custom install of the deployment images.